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Michael Kanoff, owner/operator of Michael’s Jewelers, spent decades consulting and building relationships with early birds, as well as the last-minute shoppers with a desperate need to complete a holiday list. To make things easier, Michael started hosting “ladies night out” prior to holiday seasons at which women can create “Wish Lists" to be later filled by a spouse, partner or loved one. They held their first one of this year's season on Oct. 26. 

"I truly enjoy helping clients find perfect gifts and building lasting relationships, which includes tracking previous gift purchases to help continue to build the clients perfect jewelry ensemble," he says.

Though always popular, one of the hottest trends in jewelry is layered jewelry, specifically in gold. Michael says layered looks allow for spotlighting multiple pieces at once, while expressing personalized style and creativity. Layering necklaces also allows for versatility and adaptability in accessorizing. These layered looks remain in vogue, and are a "solid, can’t-miss gift."

Yellow gold is back. White gold, for quite a while, was in, however, jewelry is in some regards a “fashion” business where favored products move in cycles. Michael says 1980s fashion is very popular, with gold chains for men leading the forefront of the craze. On the women’s side, paper clip jewelry or yellow gold necklaces and bracelets remain top-of-mind. Engagement and wedding bands in yellow gold also returned. 

Lab diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties of traditional diamonds; they're just born and raised in a laboratory where earthy conditions are simulated. Michael’s Jewelers offers both natural and lab diamonds to support all clients wants or needs, and Michael says they were the first retailer in the area to carry lab diamonds. He states that lab diamonds are more affordable and allow clients to get larger stones.

A recent surge in popularity is “bangle stacks," which are multiple bracelets worn in various configurations to match consumers' moods or occasions. It’s a way to express a unique look while creating an ornament for the arm. Bangle stacks could be done in all sorts of looks from simple stacking to a dramatic look combining different metals along the way. Michael says it’s all about flexibility and creating a fun way to showcase "arm candy." Stacking bracelets is a trend that serves men and women, he adds.

1619 Big Oak Road, Yardley

Established in 1976, this family-owned/operated business provides a beautiful array of jewelry, such as fine diamonds, watches, engagement rings, bridal rings, wedding bands, necklaces, bracelets and custom pieces. They also handle repairs for watches and jewelry. Their new wedding bands come in oval, marquise and baguette styles.

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