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JKT Redbud Designs

From the creative bond with her mother, extensive home renovations, and the exciting launch of JKT Redbud Designs, Joyce Twedt's journey in the world of design is both impressive and inspiring. Having grown up with a profound appreciation for interior design, her early years were filled with the joy of home makeovers, a passion passed down from her incredibly talented mother. By the age of nine, she was already mastering wallpapering, with her mother as her guide. This natural talent blossomed over the years, and finding a partner-in-craft in her husband, Colin, they embarked on renovating two homes.

Taking a bold leap of faith at 50, Joyce transitioned from her position at Hallmark Cards headquarters to pursue her dream full-time. Her home in Leawood, previously owned by her in-laws, showcases her unique design flair and acts as a standing testament to her skills, doubling up as her design portfolio. It's a beautiful marriage of family legacy and innovative design.

But her expertise doesn't stop at interiors—with a knack for enhancing exteriors, Twedt offers comprehensive design packages encompassing front door and porch updates, paint color reviews, and landscaping advice. Additionally, her seasonal touches come alive with her holiday decorating services. Whether it's a full-service Christmas revamp or sprinkling a festive touch here and there, she ensures the holiday spirit is alive and shining.

Her unwavering belief in pretty and practical designs sets her apart from other designers. She perfectly melds high-end pieces with affordable ones, ensuring style doesn’t strain the budget. Every project commences with a detailed two-hour consultation, laying the foundation for a space brimming with potential.

She's a master at integrating bold statement pieces that add her signature sparkle.

“I am always looking for ways to elevate the design and add just the right sophisticated touch without being over the top," says Twedt. "I believe a small update can freshen up a space dramatically. Attainable elevated design is my MO—classic yet simple with bold accents.”

What's exciting is the next generation's involvement in the business. Joyce's 21-year-old daughter, Katie, is studying interior design at K-State and is set to become her business partner. Her fresh approach and perspective promise to bring new dimensions to the business.

To embark on your own design journey with JKT Redbud Designs, reach out through email, phone, or DM on her Instagram: @jkt.redbud.designs.