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Jessi McCloud may not swing a hammer, but she definitely has years of experience as a project manager.  A Pella Certified contractor, a VA certified builder, and sole owner of JLM Construction, Jessi said it took years of summer side jobs and roles in construction to get where she is now.  “I am a 4th-generation Montanian,” Jessi said. “I grew up on a cattle ranch, went to college at MSU, and have been in management in one form or fashion ever since I graduated. Finally, 3 years ago, I was ready to break out on my own, so I started JLM.”

She believes the fact that she isn’t the one “swinging the hammer” is what sets her company apart from others. “I know I have a lot to learn about the actual construction side, even though I have all the management experience,” Jessi said. “So I have the time to go the extra mile with the clients so they can have what they really want. I have a wonderful experienced crew, so I have time to handle all the other aspects.” 

And, according to Jessi, a lot of those aspects have come up since the start of the pandemic. In today’s market and today’s world, there are shortages everywhere, not just with labor, but also with supplies. “Right now in the valley we are 6 months out on trusses,” Jessi said. “And a good 3 to 4 months out on windows.” It can also take longer depending on what materials a customer wants. With prices changing constantly, a quote right now on materials is only good for about a week.  Jessi feels it's issues like this allow her to use her skills to work with clients and come up with solutions to make her customers happy. “If you don’t pivot and shift in these times you will get passed over,” Jessi said. “I have to come up with solutions at times that are outside the box, but when we work together as a team, everyone is happy.” Jessi loves rising to the challenge. “I’ve been told ‘no’ so much in my life that I just like to take things on,” she said. “I like to get the impossible accomplished and get that whole ‘wow’ factor.”

Jessi is also a firm believer in community involvement. She serves on the boards of the Belgrade Aquatic Center and the Bozeman Professional Women’s Organization and is active in both her son’s academics and athletics.

JLM handles new construction but also specializes in remodels and just finished a home that was originally built in the 1960s. “We took it all the way down to the original studs,” Jessi said. “It was one of my favorite projects.” She also enjoyed completing a pergola, which is featured on her website. “Again, it was something they said couldn’t be done, so I had to tackle it!” With each job, JLM construction grows, changes, and learns. “We just keep getting better,” Jessi said. “People move here because they want a piece of Montana, and that is what JLM gives them.”