Transforming Old to New With Jody Deluca Designs

The design team gave this 1909 colonial a new life with their eccentric design process

Based in Fairfield County, the team at Jody Deluca Designs brings your interior decorating designs to life, making your home become a true reflection of who you are. We spoke with the gifted team who shared some details about this transformation project in Darien. Their goal for this colonial that was built over 100 years ago in 1909 was to update it and give it a new breath of life. 

The homeowners gave them a budget that they wanted to stay within to redo almost everything, including completely remodeling the primary bathroom and guest bathroom, refreshing the powder room, removing walls, redoing floors, painting, wallpapering, accessorizing and furnishing everything down to the bath towels and dishes. As for Jody Deluca’s team's biggest challenge and most consequential goal to achieve? The home had to be ready to walk in and be lived in within 50 days. 

The design team immediately put their best skills forward and hit the ground running. They were able to change the entire vibe of the house from traditional to elevated cozy elegance. It can be overwhelming for any new homeowner, let alone first-timers, to take on such a large project, but that is what Jody Deluca Designs does best. 

Throughout the years and various with clients, Jody Deluca Designs has discovered the projects that are the most rewarding for both their team and the client are the ones who are fully willing to commit to their process and trust them to guide them from concept to completion. 

To learn more about other projects or how to contact Jody Deluca Designs you can find more information here: jodydeluca.com 

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