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Meet: The one who does the Social Media for this magazine!

Know: She is in real estate by day.

Feel: Her passion for female empowerment.

Understand: She moved to Colorado 2 weeks before COVID hit, so new friends are still welcome!

Hello, Arvada! I’m so excited to finally introduce myself!

I am in real estate full time, a lover of (almost) all exercise, and your Social Media Director! My ideal weekend includes a long run and/or scenic hike, sleeping in, lots of cooking for the week ahead, and splurging on some Fire On The Mountain wings or checking out somewhere new.  I enjoy all things creative, but it broke my heart not to attend any sporting events last year (ahh, the smell of a tailgate). I was born & raised in Indiana, graduated college in Florida, but Colorado is hands down, my favorite place I’ve ever lived. Here’s what I have learned, along the way, about the importance of female empowerment.

20 Empowering Moves to Make as a Woman

  1. Don’t wait for a partner to make your dreams come true - buy a house, a dog, that trip to Paris, whatever your heart aches for!

  2. Unapologetically express your feelings and emotions because guess what… we all have them, we’re all human after all…

  3. Buy yourself the flowers. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to end up perpetually disappointed waiting around for someone to buy you the amount of flowers you wish for.

  4. Spend time with you - take yourself to dinner, buy yourself a drink, enjoy a solo hike or vacay. Take time to hear YOUR voice, opinion, and energy the loudest.

  5. Fulfill all your curiosities or prepare for them to eat you alive.

  6. Sit with your strengths and weaknesses so that you can supportively sit along side another person’s strengths and weaknesses. And if you can’t sit with it, work on it!

  7. Imperfections are endearing, but never stop taking care of yourself.

  8. Always make time for extras. No one relationship, job, or hobby should encapsulate you.

  9. When you stop trying new things, you stop growing. It’s a short life in a big world. LIVE.

  10. When your unhappiness outweighs your fear, courage is born.

  11. Patience is a virtue, but don’t be an idiot.

  12. You can be easy going and understanding without being a doormat.

  13. Develop a savings account. Your friends will still be there if you stay at home one weekend. If not, then they’re not real friends. Financial freedom is power.

  14. We each have been dealt an unlucky hand, which is only our burden to bear - not our significant other’s, not our friends, not our employer’s. But don’t be too proud to know there’s a time and place to accept help.

  15. When all else fails there’s yoga, essential oils, wine, a $2 face mask from Target, and the short lived miracle that is Dry Shampoo.

  16. I know this seems counteractive, but empower women without hating all men. Treating others how you’d like to be treated is the ultimate goal afterall, right?

  17. Aging is a completely natural human process that is BEAUTIFUL. My mom met her soulmate at 46 years old after having 3 kids. Hence the word, s o u l mate.

  18. Your gut and intuition are your ultimate guide. Without sounding too much like Grandmother Willow (90’s kid til death!), I feel like people don’t follow this enough and I wholeheartedly believe in it. Your boss somehow makes you feel treated differently because you’re a woman? Leave. Something about the way that guy even carries himself gives you red flags? BYE.

  19. Be authentically you. Whatever that is or looks like because what goes around comes back around. And that’s the kind of company you want, around.

  20. Buy a car without a man to protect, fight for, or guide you. If I can do it, you can do it.

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