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Meet Jolena

Here to Make Your Balloon Decor Dreams Come True

Article by Shannon Libby

Photography by Stadtkind Photography

Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

Jolena Simaneau, often called the “balloon installation magician”, is a passionate solopreneur on a mission to strike a balance between her business and family life. She is a coffee-fueled mother of two wild toddlers, her “sun and moon”, the inspiration behind her business. Most of her days begin at 5am alongside a latte, a book and static-filled hair as she prepares for her full day ahead. 

While most balloon artists begin their career as a side hustle and slowly start a business - Jolena did the exact opposite. She began with a business plan, an LLC, and dove in head-first. She credits most of her success to her husband, quality child care, healthcare and a therapist. While balancing work and family is never easy, Jolene has learned that it’s about making sure to identify and catch the most important thing that you’re juggling. 

Jolena specializes in creating bespoke installations for all occasions ranging from corporate events, non-profit events, or even an upscale gala. She has worked hard to develop a convenient system - from price transparency to the booking process, she believes that the balloon installation process should be efficient and simple.