Jordan Rose

The Powerhouse Woman Helping Change the World

The year 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Rose Law Group, the largest woman-owned law firm in Arizona’s history.

Jordan Rose—attorney, community leader, philanthropist, wife, and mother—and the owner of Rose Law Group, recalls her unassuming start.

“I was working at a very well-regarded mid-size law firm out of law school and wanted to go in a little bit of a different direction with the style of my practice,” she says. “I began interviewing at a variety of law firms, and for some reason decided that it made the most sense to ‘jump’ entirely. I ended up renting another lawyer’s storage closet—which fortunately had a large desk in it—and that was my inauspicious beginning…”

Over the past 20 years, Rose’s hard work and tenacity have propelled her to the top of the industry. In 2019, she was recognized by The Business Journal as one of the top 100 national influencers in law—amongst just three from Arizona.

And that’s just one of an extensive list of honors she’s received.

She’s a frequent speaker on various radio and television programs and a keynote speaker for various organizations. She’s also been seen on CNN as a legal analyst on high-profile criminal case trials such as those for Jodi Arias and Trayvon Martin, and was appointed by Governor Doug Ducey to serve on the statewide Groundwater Work Group to help draft legislation to continue Arizona’s responsible use of water resources.

Rose Law Group, ( which now employs almost 50, has been honored as one of the top four Best Places to Work in Arizona for small-sized businesses by The Phoenix Business Journal.

The list of honors and achievements is long, but it’s her success on behalf of her clients that she’s most proud of.

“I really get a rush out of  helping my clients make money and solving their challenging problems,” shares the Ohio native who graduated from the University of Arizona and then Arizona State University Law School. “Right now I’m entirely focused on figuring out creative approaches to saving people’s businesses during the COVID-19 situation.

“Currently we are working incredibly hard to advise clients on the various government incentives created to lessen the negative impact of the virus chaos. Our goal is to protect 100 percent of our clients’ businesses through the economic turbulence. We are negotiating with lenders and landlords to provide relief,” she continues. “Lawyers are made for chaos. This situation really puts our profession to the test and we are rising to the challenge. We’re committed to being the compass in this chaos for our clients. It’s incredibly gratifying to be able to help people save their businesses, plus it’s been keeping me so busy that I hardly have time to think about the actual virus!”

The firm itself is full-service, offering services in land use, zoning, renewable energy, government relations and lobbying, administrative law, family law, transactional real estate, employment law, water law, Native American relations, ADA compliance, infrastructure finance, special districts taxation, business formation/corporation transactions, business litigation, school law, cyber-defamation, cyber-privacy, drone law, cannabis law, hemp law, intellectual property, estate planning, asset protection, private litigation, DUIs, immigration, space law, and COVID-19 relief funding. Rose focuses on land use, zoning, and lobbying issues.

Some of her career highlights?

“Gaining approvals for the various Microsoft data centers (and seeing them built); getting approval for the Phoenix Suns Arena renovation; working for the landowner on both of the electric vehicle manufacturing plants that are currently developing in Arizona; working for nearly all of the public and private homebuilders in our state and doing some pretty fantastic cases for them; and near to my heart is saving the coach house from condemnation 20 years ago,” she says.

In addition to winning in law, there are several things that Rose notes as making her happy.

“Tucking my kids in to bed at night,” she shares. “When someone I really respect calls and asks me to solve their challenging problem—I love that. Lately I’m really excited about this New Economy (virtual) Power Lunch RLG launched the week the social distancing began. I am the moderator and I find really fascinating panelists every week. We get hundreds of people listing and participating and it’s really inspiring.”

Rose is married to Jason Rose, owner of Rose+Moser+Allyn Public and Online Relations and they have two boys, ages 11 and 13.

When she’s not working or spending time with her family—“I very much enjoy hanging out with my children”—Rose is a mentor for the Urban Land Institute Arizona’s Young Leaders Program, on the board of Barrow Neurological Foundation, president and founder of Pinal Partnership, and part of the board of trustees for Phoenix Country Day School.

“My focus is mentorship, health, real estate and education,” she says. “I really enjoy the mentorship position as I feel like I can really help some younger people with things that I have had to deal with over the years.”

For Rose, the place she’s in now is exactly where she always hoped she’d be.

“My dad is a lawyer and I grew up watching him come home from work truly elated every day to be able to use his knowledge to help people. I knew from a very young age I wanted to do that too,” she says.

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