Joshua Cunningham and Chick-fil-A

Leading With Inspiration and Love for His Passion

Article by Connie McFall Clark

Photography by Kate Cooley/Cooley Portraits

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

He loves the path he's chosen and he loves to share what inspires him. Joshua Cunningham is the owner of the new Chick-fil-A in Leon Springs.  Except for a year in banking, he has been associated with Chick-fil-A since he was sixteen years old. He is married to Kelly and they have a daughter, Kynleigh. At the new store there are 135 employees, 32 leaders and 4 executive directors. 

“There is not a single role that I don’t get to do if I choose! I love the daily diversity and complexity and I feel I am challenged to nourish bodies as well as souls. Guests love our brand.” Cunningham’s organization has elevated the guest experience in the drive-through, takeout and dine-in. Deliveries are available within a fifteen-minute drive. 

As a good steward to those who pass through his organization, “I hope they feel what I feel every day: I don’t go to work, I go to passion. I have such a sense of purpose that the employees can feel it.” When asked about his goals, Cunningham responded that he wants to create a benchmark of the guest experience and develop people to help them change the world in any industry. “I love watching people grow and reach their full potential. I am a dream manager and foster setting people up for success. They are able to make connections for whatever they choose to do later on.”

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