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From Homes to Cruise Liners, PuriFi Labs Is Cleaning Up the Air

According to, air pollution is one of the biggest threats to life expectancy. That staggering statistic may have some asking what they can do to improve the air they breathe. Arizona-based PuriFi Labs is making strides in cleaning up the air we breathe one home, business, and even cruise ship at a time. 

PuriFi Labs, which has decades of research and expertise in air purification, created the highest performing indoor air-purification technology ever to be invented. The company uses cold plasma technology and converts ozone into oxygen. The patented technology works to neutralize allergens, mold, pet dander, viruses, and bacteria.

“The technology wasn't invented for Covid,” says Tim Bender, PuriFi Labs co-founder and CEO, “but has been tested on SARS COV 2, Delta, and Omicron, and can help neutralize these viruses within minutes.” 

Last year the company opened its first PuriFi store location in Arizona. Located in North Scottsdale, the store provides education on the product technology through an immersive experience. Customers receive visual demonstrations of airborne particles in a typical living space to real-time air-quality monitoring and will see, feel, and breathe the difference the system makes in an indoor environment. 

The PuriFi Labs indoor air-purification system connects to the HVAC units in homes and businesses. There are two options available for the system, both of which come with a five-year warranty and include installation with purchase. 

“We hear from our customers that we reduce allergies and triggers that cause allergy symptoms,” Bender says. “And we are the only technology the American Lung Association of Arizona has partnered with.”

Since 2019, PuriFi Labs has sold more than 17,000 indoor air-purification systems. They can be found in private residences; businesses; and medical, dental, and homeopathic offices. The company also has a Maritime Vessel Certification, which allows the technology to be installed on cruise liners. 

“There is no building we can't retrofit; our technology is scalable,” Bender says. “Every home and business can benefit from installing this technology.”