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Tired of your outdated cabinetry? Save time and money by having it professionally spray painted.

Parker business owner Matt Gibb likes to stay busy. While working for a digital banking startup, Matt began searching for a side gig, he says, “to keep me busy. I like to have a lot on my plate.” He started researching franchising opportunities, and discovered a Canadian company called Spray-Net. “The CEO was on Dragon’s Den (the Canadian Version of Shark Tank). The franchise covers most of Canada, and in the last few years, they’ve started expanding into the States. I’m the first person in Colorado to own a Spray-Net franchise."

With a background working in corporate America for Fortune 500 companies like Visa, Kaiser Permanente, and Lockheed Martin, Matt knows what it takes to run a successful business. “Right out of the gate, I was blown away with Spray-Net’s infrastructure, support, and vetting process. And it's really a great product. I was kind of sold after that.”

Spray-Net is a home improvement company that develops and produces its own paint specifically for cabinetry. Matt explains that it's harder than paint from a hardware store. It's also heat resistant and chip resistant because it's made to be in a kitchen.

For a recent kitchen project, Matt changed dated cream cabinets with an antiqued finish into the popular two-tone look, with white upper cabinets and a dark, modern gray on the lower cabinetry—in four days. Homeowner Teri Schulte met Matt at the Castle Rock Home Show. “There were a lot of other companies that were offering the same kind of thing,” Teri says, “but when Matt showed me the finish and what he could do, I asked him to give me a bid.”

“Everything is done with a spray,” Matt says. “We don't use brushes or rollers, so there are no brush strokes; we provide a factory finish. Once people see that next to any other typical type of paint, it's pretty apparent that the difference is in the finish. And then we warranty it for 15 years.”

Teri says she’s really happy with the finished product and especially enjoyed working with Matt. “A lot of times when you hire a contractor, they don't communicate with you very well. Matt contacted me several times to let me know what was going on and where we were in the process. He was always right on time, and during the process, he would tell me exactly what they were doing. I really appreciated that.”

What started out as a way to stay busy is now Matt’s full-time gig. “I get to use all those skills I developed over the last 10 years. But I also get to meaningfully impact people's lives. I get to create jobs for my crew, and I get to help people fall in love with their home again and save money while doing it.”

Spray-Net Douglas County also offers exterior painting, with the same durable, high-quality paint and 15-year warranty. For for information, contact:

Matt Gibb
Spray-Net Douglas County

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