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Austin Yun is busy these days. The Wayne resident is celebrating the Grand Opening of his third K9 Resort location at 465 Old Hook Road, Emerson. Dog lovers take notice—there's a new luxury boarding and daycare in town for your fur baby, and there's about to be a lot of tail-wagging in Pascack Valley once the word gets out! We had the opportunity to speak with Austin to learn more.

What made you want to locate the K9 Resort in Emerson?

This K9 Resort will be my third location after Malvern, Pennsylvania, and Middletown, New York. Living in northern New Jersey for more than 20 years, it is evident to me that our communities need the exceptional services that K9 Resorts provide. Pascack Valley has excellent infrastructure with top-notch schools, but it was missing a safe and reliable home-away-from-home for families to send their furry family members on a mini vacation.

What prompted you to open a luxury boarding/daycare for dogs?

I don't think there is any better profession than working with dogs every day. I have two dogs, Sancho and Jelo, and I wasn't satisfied with the existing boarding options for them. It's not easy to pester friends and family members for occasions when I need care for my pets, and I wasn't comfortable with the care that other commercial kennels provide. Once I discovered K9 Resorts, I called the corporate office to become a franchisee. I sold my business in New York City, and here I am!

What are the benefits of doggie daycare? What's a typical day like?

Daycare provides an outlet to expend excess energy, socialize, exercise, and remain active. Dogs are social animals that need exercise and stimulation, and doggie daycare is the best way to provide both! Our K9 doggie daycare program offers opportunities for your dog to participate in daily exercise through group activities. Participants play in a cage-free environment while enjoying the freedom to play and stretch their legs. Each dog is evaluated to ensure appropriate and comfortable play with the other dogs so that we maintain a completely safe and healthy environment.

How does your luxury boarding service differ from other dog boarding/kennels?

Traditional pet boarding can often include concrete flooring and wire or metal cages or runs. Usually, there is little close interaction with (often inexperienced) staff. K9 Resorts wanted to change the stigma of the harsh "kennel" environment, so we provide pets and their owners with peace of mind knowing their furry family members are comfortable and well cared for. Our Luxury Suites and Executive Rooms are our cage-free options for overnight stays. These are approximately 8'x8' and 5'x7' accommodations that allow plenty of space for dogs of all sizes to board comfortably. Each accommodation comes with a Kuranda dog bed, our premium Blue Buffalo Sensitive house food, and all activities included. K9 Resorts also offers comfortable compartment options for dogs that are happier in a smaller space or for puppies who are used to crate-training at home. These luxury boarding options are available at every K9 Resorts hotel.

What should people know before bringing their dogs to K9?

We require all vaccines to be up-to-date, including rabies, distemper, and Bordetella. We strongly recommend a canine influenza vaccine as well. All dogs must be 100% people-friendly to use our services and 100% dog-friendly to participate in daycare. All dogs in large and small playgroups must pass a daycare evaluation to ensure daycare is the right fit for the dog and the other guests in terms of safety and happiness.

K9’s caring staff and cage-free environment offer the perfect pet-sitting solution for more than just family vacations. Think: weekend getaways, late nights out, home remodeling and construction projects, or entertaining at home. Stop by K9 in Emerson and see what Austin and his team have to offer!


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