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Kadji "Kretzmer" Anderson

One of Glastonbury's Native Daughters, Kadji Runs Several Successful Businesses Here

With a family history that stretches back nearly 100 years in Glastonbury, and through her own life experiences, Kadji “Kretzmer” Anderson brings a deep breadth of experience and knowledge of local real estate. 

A Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services on Main Street, Kadji (pronounced Katie) is one of 10 children who grew up on her family’s homestead on Weir Street in a home her father built. Her grandfather bought the land, in the Buckingham section of town, and moved there with his wife in the early 1930s. The 7-acre property was a horse farm and included an 1820s farmhouse where her father was raised. In 1960, using a portion of the property, her father erected their family home and in the late 1990's, two additional homes were built on this property.    

Kadji says her experiences in local real estate and property management has given her valuable insights and knowledge of the region’s real estate market.

She worked for a time with her dad, who renovated local homes, rented them out, and later sold them. She’s a managing partner of a local property management firm, KP Management LLC and she and her sister, Heidi Aivano, run Glawackus Properties LLC, a home-buying and renovation firm based on popular fixer-upper TV shows.

“My past professional and personal experiences have prepared me to guide clients through all aspects of buying and selling real estate,” Kadji says. “My college degrees in finance and insurance keep me informed of current issues and taught me how to gather and interpret data. All of these skills, together with my deep roots here in Glastonbury, have proven critical to evaluating the market and finding value when buying, selling or investing in real estate.”

She said she loves being a Realtor, a career she launched about five years ago, in part because of the challenges in navigating the sometimes tumultuous real estate market and for the thrill it brings when she helps clients find their dream homes. 

“I always loved real estate and I saw very successful realtors in town and I thought, wow, I want to do that!  You can tell when you find your client that perfect house. They get a different look on their face and in their eyes and then you know, this is the house for them. At that point you do whatever it takes to support their dream and help them get that house.”

Her personable and gregarious nature comes through not just in interpersonal relationships but also in her professional dealings. Some of her recent ads include things like “Orange You Looking For a Fabulous Realtor?” and includes a recipe for an Orange Julius Smoothie. A posting on her website includes a DIY project on revamping a fireplace. 

Even the name of the property management company she runs with her sister has a quirky and local twist. The Glawackus is a mysterious and legendary creature that stalked livestock in Glastonbury in the 1950s and 1960s in her childhood location of the Buckingham area of Glastonbury. The animal was renowned for its fierceness, a characteristic Kadji says she’s taken to heart. 

“The Glawackus is strong, It’s a force to be reckoned with and that’s what I am. I won’t let anything take me down.” 

Kadji "Kretzmer" Anderson


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