Kansas City’s Best Kept Sports Secret

Lamar Hunt Jr. Expands KC’s Impressive Sports Team Roster With His Investment in the Kansas City Mavericks 

You know by now Kansas City is a Midwest sports mecca, but little did you know that one of our best-kept secrets takes place at an indoor ice hockey arena and offers a wealth of unique crowd experiences inclusive for the whole family! Meet the Mavericks and their incredibly talented team on and off the ice. 

Believe it or not, the Mavericks have been a nationally competing team for 15 years, but it wasn’t until 4 or so years ago that many of us began hearing more about this hidden gem of a professional sports experience. And there’s good reason for that: For Lamar Hunt Jr, sports is a family business, so when the opportunity arose for him to purchase and spearhead our city’s professional hockey team, the timing could not have aligned better with Kansas City’s exceptional sports mania developing.

Kansas City is getting thrust into the spotlight thanks to the Chiefs’ Superbowl wins, Travis Kelce, the NFL Draft, the 2026 FIFA World Cup, and the first women’s professional soccer stadium set to open in the spring. We are graced with a lot of sports teams for our market size.

Lamar and his team of professionals, including son-in-law and Chief Operating Officer James Arkell, insert their family into everything they do. They are solely focused on bringing the best experience you can have with your family for a very reasonable price.

But here’s the best part about adding the Mavericks into your family sports sphere; you don’t actually have to be a hockey fan to enjoy what you’re doing at the arena, because more than anything, it’s about the fan interaction that is incomparable.

Everything that comes with a game day experience adds up quickly: This includes free and adjacent parking at Cable Dahmer Arena in Independence, the ticket prices are extremely reasonable, the food and craft beer scene are on point, the team store is plentiful, Mac, the mascot, is a total crowd pleaser, and the environment is clean and appropriate for kids of all ages. Plus, there are multiple opportunities for you to be involved as part of a game day experience. From Chuck-a-Puck competitions to on-ice “pickle” races, people also get pulled from the crowd to participate in the fun amidst the energizing soundtrack of overhead songs. 

The players love autographed signings for their fans. Many don’t realize the impressive profiles of our hockey players with many coming from Ivy League backgrounds and are heavily involved in connecting with schools and charitable organizations. They are an intentionally accessible team, which is huge in the eyes of their much younger fans.

What also makes the hockey game experience unique is its intimate environment of 6000 seats, which means there’s a good seat no matter where you are. The enclosed ice rink offers a kind of chill in the air that hits differently than a fierce outdoor winter fandom experience.

Coming from one of the most famous sports families in the world, Lamar Hunt Jr.’s passions lie not only in professional sports entrepreneurship, but in the ability to create a place heavily focused on family entertainment and giving back to the community. 

In every Mavericks hockey game, you’ll find a charitable component. Once a month there is a featured charitable partner, examples including January as military appreciation month and February spotlighting first responders. With it comes a specialty hockey jersey created for purchase with the proceeds going back to that charity.

Premium seating is a hidden gem for families to share. For the cost, there is nothing in town that competes with the all-in ticket price and amenities included in the Suite Packages and Ice Box Lounges. For example, when purchasing a suite, the birthday guy or gal gets to experience the ice firsthand during intermission. It’s part of the best-kept secret in the Mavericks game day offerings.

One of the things that most people don’t realize is Kansas City is a wonderful hub not only for charitable giving, but for groups that are working to make the world more inclusive for individuals with special needs. James Arkell’s passion both stems from personal experience, as well as his understanding of the enormous opportunity this city has to give these children, like his son Michael, a seat at the table no matter where they are. 

With a brand new sensory room, families can find relief, relaxation, and excitement on game days. The room provides neurological tools and amenities that were designed intentionally alongside sponsor Children’s Mercy and by families with children with different levels of acuity. James and the team wanted to provide meaningful assistance, accessibility, and convenience for the simple needs parents want and need for their children. Another fun benefit? They also invested in adaptive sleds for the kids to also participate in skating on the ice! 

So join us in supporting and cheering on Kansas City’s professional hockey team and Proud ECHL affiliate of the Seattle Kraken and Coachella Valley Firebirds by reserving your family’s single or season tickets, and be sure to give someone in your life the Premium Seating experience!

Website: kcmavericks.com/

Instagram: @kcmavericks

Facebook: kcmaverickshockey

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