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Kate Davis Is Nashville's Biggest Food Fan

Article by Dawn Burns

Photography by Kate Davis

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Kate Davis, a New York native, first visited Nashville in 2008 and felt drawn to move to Music City. After making the move to Nashville, she discovered that her great grandmother, whom she was named after, was originally from Nashville. Kate felt validated in her decision to call Nashville home.

Kate was enjoying exploring the city and all the culinary opportunities when she decided to dedicate an Instagram page as her own personal photo diary. Now with over 94,000 followers, Davis has become a go-to resource for knowing the best restaurants in Nashville.

While Kate has always had an interest in food and dining, she borrows Reba McEntire’s (who did an Instagram takeover of @nashvillefoodfan) motto when it comes to cooking, “The best thing I make is a reservation!” Kate often supports local servers and restaurants by raising money for tips and sharing their stories on her Instagram page. Together with her audience, servers have been gifted thousands of dollars.

Almost 10 years after her move, Kate has adopted a daughter and continues to share the best cuisine around town. A few of her favorites include family-friendly favorites like Pastaria, Nicky’s Coal Fired as well as Audrey, City House, Locust, Dozen Bakery, Henrietta Red, Two Ten Jack, The Continental and Mas Tacos.

Follow Kate’s adventures @nashvillefoodfan for more!