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Kate Marker Sets Style Standard

Creating fresh, customized spaces that are approachable and comfortable for busy family lifestyles.

Article by Kate Marker & Michael Beightol

Photography by Margaret Rajic

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

Kate Marker is an artist at heart. The Principal Designer and Owner of her namesake firm, Kate oversees all design projects to ensure that they reflect a client’s style while incorporating the Kate Marker Interiors aesthetic. Kate's strengths lie in her endless ideas & inspiration, relentless work ethic, unwavering vision and great sense of humor, which (lucky for everyone she works with) is infectious.

We recently caught up with Kate to learn more about her sense of style:

SW Lake: Can you share your perspectives about home fashions?

Kate Marker: People have been embracing deeper, muted colors in tandem with patterns—after years of clean white, bright interiors. We love incorporating color into Powder Rooms and Offices, but now color has spread throughout the home to include Laundry Rooms, deeper Kitchen cabinet tones, and living spaces for cozy environments.

Pattern in the form of stripes, subtle plaids, small-scale florals, and organic shapes are often layered in to make a space feel curated and livable. Curved, organic-shaped furniture is appealing, as are touches of woven accessories and accents that make a space more inviting.

If you’re looking for tips, consider these ideas:

  • Layer in texture easily with seasonal textiles such as blankets and throw pillows.
  • Add vintage pieces for timeless appeal, such as art or even a modern piece in an antique frame, or a one-of-a-kind vintage rug.
  • Create interest for a blank wall by adding some large-scale artwork, millwork or paneling, grass cloth or wall covering, or sconces and a large mirror.

SWL: How does your retail shop—Kate Marker Home—complement your interior design business?

KM: We can extend the KMI aesthetic to a much larger audience. Our extensive warehouse has not only accessories but also furnishings and lighting and rugs for customers to shop from established vignettes. Everything is available for purchase, or they can just browse in hopes of finding a few great items to freshen up their space or to give as a gift.

SWL: Can you talk about color schemes for the Fall/Winter seasons?

KM: We consider deep blues and shades of blush to be neutrals, so we use those regularly to complement a softer palette of more traditional neutrals. Deeper shades of grayish greens, inky blues, or warm charcoals pair beautifully with metal or wood finishes. We bring in seasonal accents via layered textiles and accessories to transition from the warmer months.

SWL: Is it possible to state how you work with clients and how that sets you apart from your competitors?

KM: We know from early communications with clients whether they will be a good fit with our team, based on mutual respect and trust in the design process. We love when clients appreciate the KMI aesthetic while simultaneously having their own unique sense of what they are drawn to and value as beautiful; together, we create fresh, customized spaces while still ensuring approachability and comfort for today's busy lifestyles. This is how our clients become true partners in the process!

Kate Marker lives in Barrington with her husband, their two daughters, and their dogs (Maddox & Millie). In Kate's free time she can be found biking with her girls, taking a yoga class with a friend, searching for the perfect antique rug, and late-night online shopping. Learn more about her approach to style at both (based in downtown Barrington) and (a warehouse shopping experience in Lake Barrington).

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