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King Nyani

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Kathleen Holko

Manager of School & Tour Services at the Bruce Museum

Article by Sarah I. Bamford

Photography by Hybrid Media, @hybridmediacomm

Originally published in Greenwich Lifestyle

How do you serve the local community?

I’m part of an education team that creates programming for museum visitors of all ages and abilities. I work with local schools and community organizations, like Boys & Girls Club and Barbara’s House, to make the Museum not only accessible and educational for their students, but also fun and engaging. I also supervise the Museum’s docent team, an adult, all-volunteer group that leads programs for visitors of all ages.

What do you love about working in Greenwich?

Downtown is a nice place to work because I’m in the middle of Bruce Park. I am also within easy walking distance to the Sound, and all the stores and restaurants on the Avenue. I grew up in the area and remember visiting the Bruce as a child. In addition, my husband grew up in Greenwich and my in-laws still live here.

What is your local hidden gem?

The Seaside Center is located in the Floren Family Environmental Center at Innis Arden Cottage at Greenwich Point Park. Anyone without a beach card can visit Town Hall to purchase a beach pass during the summer months and enjoy access to this environmental education center free of charge. 

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