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If you're like us, you may not be quite ready to go back inside the gym. But, the bod is screaming for stretches, strength and solutions. We checked in with Smyrna fitness guru, Kellie Shirley and asked her for three moves we could do in our home or backyard.  Thanks Kellie! We'll be thinking of you while we dip into a second serving of Thanksgiving stuffing.

Bodyweight Squats (strength)

Keep the chest tall with shoulders back. Sit back in your heels and drop weight until your knees are at 90 degrees. Push through heels to reset at top.

Ice Skaters (cardio)

Drive weight through heels to jump from side to side on one foot, increasing heart rate. Jump from either side for a challenge or tap foot for a modification.

Half V-Ups (flexibility/core)

Lay flat on back and use upper body momentum to meet knees at the top. Engage core and breathe. Reset at bottom and repeat.

Kellie Shirley was born and raised Georgia Peach. She and husband  have been living in Smyrna for the past few years and recently got married and closed on our first house in the area! "We are excited to start our lives here and plan to be an active part of the community as much as we can. Keep an eye out for Inspired ATL (@inspired_atl) events in the area if seeking out any community," says Kellie. Follow her at

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