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Keeping the Springs Glowing

Protecting The Springs And Inspiring The Community

"My name is David Cobiella, the Executive Director of Keepers of the Springs. Founded in 2019, our non-profit organization has been  protecting the springs and inspiring the community by hosting underwater trash cleanups and filming short videos for social media. We've since progressed to an array of educational programming and restoration initiatives. Recently, we unveiled a fundraiser with First Magnitude Brewing Company called "Keep the Springs Glowing". During this annual event, we raised $6000 for the replanting of eelgrass in local springs. Meanwhile, we've shared our message with nearly 1000 classroom students, and plan to double that in the next few weeks. Our passion is lighting people up about the springs, and we hope that through our labors, we will be able to show this country that the springs are a treasure worth saving. Find us on social media or donate through our website if you'd like to get involved!"