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Scottsdale Signature Home Management Offers Tips For Peace of Mind While You're Away

The excitement of vacation, especially after a long quarantine stuck at home, can be consuming and it's easy to forget what gets left behind—your home. An empty house is a vulnerable house, but the pros at Scottsdale Signature Home Management have some advice to set your mind at ease while you're away. 

So whether it's a quick weekend getaway or an extended summer away, consider these simple tips to help ensure your home is secure.

Interior/Exterior Walk-Through
Make sure all windows and doors are secure. Help prevent unwanted visitors by doing a full walk-through of your property before departure. Be sure to check all windows, doors, and exterior gates. 

Secure Outdoor Furniture and Equipment
Bring outdoor furniture inside. Protect your patio furniture and equipment from the harsh elements by covering larger pieces and grills. Bring cushions and smaller pieces inside to prevent them from blowing away or being damaged during thunderstorms.

Upkeep of Regularly Scheduled Services
Make sure pest control services are continued. As temperatures climb, unwanted critters such as scorpions and snakes like to find shelter inside to escape the outside elements. 

Continue landscaping services. Landscapers can look out for blocks or breaks in water lines, clean up broken or fallen tree limbs, and make sure that plants are getting water. This can help avoid any HOA violation fines. 

Make sure the pool, spa, and fountains are kept up to prevent any annoying or costly issues from occurring. Regular pool service while away will help ensure that you come home to a crystal clear, problem-free oasis.

Invest in Your Home’s Security
Look into a smart home system that can be controlled manually, or set lights to automatically turn on at a certain time while you are away. Even something as simple as solar powered sconces can help a home look lived in and discourage break-ins.

Be sure to set the alarm. Make sure all entry points are secure by installing door and window alarms. An active alarm system will alert you to something as simple as a door being blown open, or as threatening as an intruder.

For extended time away, consider investing in a knowledgeable and professional property management company. Having a team available to help manage any and all issues can give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your travel plans.

Scottsdale Signature Home Management is a specialty property management company catering to luxury primary resident homeowners living dually between states. Its full-service team manages all aspects of the home during the resident's absence by performing weekly house checks, property checks following harsh weather, scheduled and supervised services, and the opening and closing of the home upon the client’s arrival and departure. ScottsdaleSignatureHomeManagement.com

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