Keeping Aging Parents Healthy

Knowing When It's Time for Assisted Living

Making care decisions for elderly loved ones can be difficult. There are many questions and concerns families may have when making these choices. Knowing what to look for when assessing the health of an aging parent is essential, as is having someone who can answer your questions. 

When you visit with your parents, try to step back and see things from the perspective of an observer, not as an adult child. Check for these signs:

  • Poor Hygiene. Is your parent bathing regularly? Do they change their clothes? Are the bed sheets clean? Is their hair washed? 
  • Dirty Home. Are there dirty dishes in the sink that seem to have been there a while? Is the mail piling up unopened? Is the bathroom clean?
  • Unpaid Bills. Check for stacks of mail. Unfortunately, financial disasters can happen because elderly parents neglect bills or send large sums of money to solicitors and scammers.
  • Extreme Isolation. Do your once-social parents spend most of their time alone? Isolation is a serious health risk for the elderly. 

If you spot any warning signs, it might be time for an assessment. But where can you turn? Lori Sears, franchise owner of Assisted Living Locators in Peoria (AssistedLivingLocators.com), helps families navigate the process. 

Her service is free to families. After an initial assessment, she can offer recommendations for getting started. "It's not too early to start talking about options," explains Sears. 

Transitioning aging loved ones to assisted living takes a burden off the family caregivers. It eases them both medically and emotionally so they can return to being the spouse, child, or grandchild. 

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