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Unseen Fencing Has Become a Popular Choice For Keeping Our Dogs in the Yard

Like many dog owners, my family about 20 years ago experienced the joy of an underground dog fence system. 

We were dubious about the effectiveness of the new technology until we got one and we watched in amazement one day as our pup ran headlong toward the road, only to stop about 10 feet from the street.

The technology behind underground dog fencing was developed In 1973 but it would take about another 15 to 20 years before it became popular with pet owners.

David Perrelli, owner of Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing of CT was so intrigued with the technology that he decided to start his own underground dog fencing business.  Now 30 years later he looks back and says "it's the best decision I ever made".  

He recalls going to county fairs with his dog to demonstrate the fencing, to the amazement of fairgoers. 

“People at first didn’t believe it was possible and would throw hot dogs and other treats” outside the makeshift fence boundary he set up. And of course, his Lab wouldn’t move outside the boundary. 

Today, Dave estimates he has about 12,000 customers, a testament to the popularity of the product. 

Dog Guard's fencing entails installing underground wire around the boundaries of a property. The wire is charged by a transmitter installed inside the home or garage. A receiver on the dog’s collar emits a pulse when the pet crosses the boundary. Small white flags around the perimeter teach the dog the boundaries. 

But the success of the fencing, Dave says, lies not just in the pulsating “correction” the dog gets. Proper training is essential and Dave prides himself on his expertise with it.

“That’s the key with me, I can train a dog in one day. You have to teach the animal that everything outside the flags is activated and make them turn back to the house. That way, when they get the correction they say ‘I have to go back home!’ That’s where the training is really critical.”

On average, the fencing costs about $1,300, for a boundary fence of about one acre. It includes the materials and dog training. 

By comparison, he says, physical fencing can cost as much as $20,000.

Dog Guard’s technology for underground fencing has gotten so superior, he adds, it can transmit over 100 acres. 

Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing of CT




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