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Keeping Time

Our legacy, crafted and preserved through the moments we cherish

In the quaint neighborhood of Beaverdale, Iowa, in a small kitchen, where the aroma of home-cooked meals mingled with the tick-tock of the Kit-Cat Clock and the small suncatcher hanging in the window split beams of light into a kaleidoscope of colors, my grandmother Mary Lou Martin turned calendars into time capsules.

It was a practice born out of love; a testament to the belief that life’s true beauty lies in the details. This wasn’t merely a habit; it was a practice rooted in dedication to capturing the essence of fleeting moments, both monumental and mundane, to craft a tangible collection of memories.

Etched in dark red ink, “Man on the Moon!!” marked July 20, 1969. A more somber “President Kennedy Assassinated!” stood out in dark black on November 22, 1963, and a simple yet poignant entry “Gary (my dad) 10 years old” was sprawled across April 25, 1963. Taped to the pages were artifacts of her experiences, including newspaper clippings, movie tickets, and napkins from her favorite now-closed restaurant, Mama Lacona’s, a cherished family spot in Des Moines.

Despite Mary Lou’s passing when I was seven, before I was old enough to appreciate or commit to memory the amazing woman she was, her legacy lives on through the pages of these calendars. My memories of her are intricately woven with stories from my father and his siblings, her voice echoing in old home videos, and decades of the timelines she left behind.

Mary Lou’s spirit became the guiding force behind Joyflower, a creative studio dedicated to investing in moments. Through the design of calendars, Joyflower seeks to revive the lost art of transforming each day into a journey of introspection, gratitude, and an appreciation for life’s often-overlooked beauty.

Inspired by the beauty of the suncatcher in her window, The Timecatcher™ emerged as a tribute to Mary Lou’s commitment to capturing moments. This unique calendar transforms the passage of time into a beautiful collection of details — beams of light in the stories of our lives.

With just enough space to capture moments, we aim to shift from routine to ritual; from obligation to opportunity. Small pockets at the top of each month offer space for special mementos, and a tear-off piece at the bottom of each page helps with year-end reflection of the best moments of the months gone by.

Crafted by hand in a small home-office in Lenexa, Kansas, each calendar bears witness to Mary Lou’s influence, with her photos adorning the walls and a suncatcher in the window casting a rainbow of colors. More than just a calendar, The Timecatcher™ aspires to be a vessel of connection, bridging generational gaps and preserving the legacy of the unique way of cherishing life’s seemingly ordinary beauty.

First steps to graduations, quiet moments of reflection and unexpected adventures — all captured within the pages; and the small kitchen in Beaverdale has become the foundation for something greater — an invitation for everyone to invest not just in time, but in the stories waiting to be written.

Find new designs and shop at Joyflower.Store.

My memories of her are intricately woven with stories from my father and his siblings, her voice echoing in old home videos, and decades of the timelines she left behind