Shaping the next Generation of Healthcare Leaders

Ketchum Health is here to serve the communities through patient-centered clinics.

Students and faculty come from all over the country to be a part of Marshall B. Ketchum University—and who could blame them? With a world-class healthcare curriculum, sunny climate, and gorgeous scenery, Ketchum has plenty to offer.  

As an independent, private, non-profit educational institution, Ketchum University is deeply invested in shaping the next generation of healthcare leaders—and their purpose is crystal clear.

“The work of the University is two-pronged,” says Dr. Julie A. Schornack, Marshall B. Ketchum University President.

“We educate and develop healthcare providers for the future in the areas of Optometry, Physician Assistant, and Pharmacy. Our attention focuses on delivering a curriculum that will equip our graduates for the realities of the healthcare system.”

Ketchum’s efforts to give back to local communities are an extension of their passion for providing mutually beneficial healthcare experiences.

“We operate a number of clinics in optometry and family medicine that serve their [respective] communities and provide educational opportunities for our students in all of our programs,” says Dr. Schornack. “We are fortunate to have these clinics, where the lessons that our students learn in the classrooms and labs can be further illustrated by serving patients in our community.”

The network of clinics includes Ketchum Health in Anaheim and Los Angeles, as well as the Family Medicine Clinic at Ketchum Health in Anaheim. Ketchum also has a presence in several community-based clinics in Orange County, increasing their reach.

According to Dr. Schornack, what makes Ketchum unique is the dual emphasis on both education and community outreach through healthcare.

“When you receive care at a teaching institution, the students and supervising faculty are wholly committed to providing comprehensive care that is grounded in contemporary practice,” she says. “We want our patients to be well-educated about their options and conditions so they can truly partner with us in moving toward healthy practices and outcomes,” she says. “We provide services to all ages across a wide variety of eyecare specialties in our clinics.”

Promoting health and wellness throughout the greater community is something the Ketchum University family considers to be an honor. “We are constantly grateful for their trust in us and the support they show us each day,” says Dr. Schornack.

As far as educating the next generation of healthcare professionals, that responsibility is not one the University takes lightly. “The work of educating health providers is a solemn responsibility, “says Dr. Schornack.

“We provide the extensive educational background necessary for each profession, but what’s just as important is developing the spirit of professional responsibility and obligation associated with health care providers. We take that role very seriously.”

Dr. Schornack encourages residents to take advantage of the valuable services offered by the network of patient-centered clinics. “We feel like we’re one of the best-kept secrets in the communities where we provide patient care. We are often overlooked as a healthcare option because we’re perceived as just an educational institution. We want people in our communities to know that we are here to serve.”

A transition in leadership offers a unique opportunity to honor the traditions and initiatives of past administrations and cast a new and focused eye on the future. 

Julie A Schornack, OD, MEd, President

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