Kickstand Brewing Company

World Class Beer, Uniquely Our Own

Kickstand Brewing Company began with a small used brewing system. “At first it was a fun way to supply not only ourselves, but our friends and family as we hosted parties,” says Scott Emerick of Kickstand Brewing Company. “But soon it became much more than that. The idea that this could be bigger and better, than it could reach more than just our inner circle, that idea lit the fire and motivated us to dream bigger and in turn, act on those dreams.”

“From the beginning we set out with the idea of being a brewery with food, the focus being more on beer,” says Scott. “However, our clientele dictated that food was the priority. Our menu has expanded and evolved to include a very diverse selection for all tastes, including Mahi Mahi Tacos, White Truffle Gnocchi, Bourbon Salmon, and a Prime Filet. Our Executive Chef consistently executes weekly specials to highlight current restaurant trends while utilizing the freshest of locally sourced ingredients.”

Of course, the beers are the heart of Kickstand Brewing Company, and many of them tell a story. “Take our Long Strange Trip, for example,” says general manager Andris Zukovs. “Eight years ago, between working out the kinks of our new brewing system and sourcing ingredients, it was a long journey to complete that beer, and a strange one at that—hence the name. Now, it remains one of our staples and hottest-selling beers.”

Scott and his business partner Brendan Rogers were born and raised in Commerce and were eager to add to the local community. “We always wanted to bring another experience to Commerce as there really aren’t many places to dine here. Now being dads, our focus is on growing relationships with local businesses, patrons, and their expanding families,” says Brendan.

To that end, from a warm front door welcome to their exceptional table service, Kickstand Brewing Company aims to please with rustic décor, upbeat music, a wide array of brews, Michigan wines, handcrafted cocktails, and freshly prepared food. “Kickstand breaks the mold when it comes to breweries,” continues Scott. “We serve an exceptionally diverse group of guests and offer a wide variety of food and beverage options typically not available in your standard brewery. Our staff are comprised of local, community-oriented individuals who look forward to seeing our repeat guests and welcoming new folks into our fold.”

One question remains—why Kickstand? “Actually, we get that question a lot. Perhaps it is due to the parallels that can be drawn between the history and evolution of the bike and the advances and rich history of beer! Well, we could make up some creative idea like that, but hey, that’s not how we roll,” says Scott. “In all honesty, when you think about it, what does a kickstand represent? Putting it down means you have finished a ride or a journey, putting it up means you are just getting started on another chapter. That’s the way we look at our friendship and our shared passion for what we are trying to accomplish—to provide world-class beer that is uniquely our own.”

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Each batch represents a new opportunity for another journey.

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