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Readers share their favorite pictures and stories

Don't you love how kids and pets create an immediate connection between family, friends, neighbors—even people we don't know? Kirkwood, Glendale, Webster Groves, Warson Woods, and Des Peres have some of the city's most kid-oriented, pet-friendly neighborhoods. People are kind to kids, and they stop to pet dogs. It's one of the things that is so unique about living here. Kids and pets bring us together in a way that warms our hearts and brightens our day. Kirkwood City Lifestyle Magazine loves strengthening our community by sharing stories and pictures of our readers' kids and pets. Here are a few that make us smile.  

"I am from Dallas, and my husband grew up in Town and Country," said Heather Jacobson. "We met in Dallas and moved to St. Louis five years ago to be with his family. We now live in Glendale and love the community. I love how family-oriented the city is. I love that I can go almost anywhere in Kirkwood and run into someone we know." Heather shared her favorite stories of her two children and two dogs. "Miles is pictured at one of his favorite spots: the Kirkwood Library. He loves that they have a train in the children's section! He is into anything that goes. He plays soccer with the Kickaroos. He is very funny, kind, and friendly. We recently bought 10 new goldfish for our backyard pond. As we were checking out, Miles kept calling them his new friends (he even named one Nolan, after his BFF!). His little sister Charlotte, aka Lottie, is 1 1/2 and is learning how to walk. She is sassy and sweet and marches to the beat of her own drum. She is very tenacious. She loves playing with her bubba (brother), music, and dancing. In this picture, she is laughing at her silly brother." 

Kirkwood resident Ashley Schmitz shares the story of Stanley's birthday. "Stanley will be 13 in September. We have had a birthday celebration for Stanley every year since he was a puppy, and he has worn the same hat each year. Stanley loves birthdays, and not just his—he gets so excited whenever he sees presents and loves to unwrap gifts, even when they are not for him (he assumes they all are his – haha). During COVID, our kids Elsie (4) and Jaden (6) started the tradition of doing scavenger hunts for birthday gifts, and Stanley loves to be included and help sniff out the clues to find the presents."

Marilyn Zipfel, the owner of Lass & Laddie, noted that she should have started bringing Sophie to the shop 10 years ago. "Now, at 15 years old, it would be too much excitement for her, and I'd worry that she would run out the door," said Marilyn. "But she is as friendly as can be." 

One of Christine Weyerich's favorite pictures is of her two kids, Hadley and Dane, on a hike with their dog, Mardi. 

Grace Martiniere shared one of her favorite pictures from 2020. "This was the boys in their Easter outfits that year," said Grace. "We watched Easter church service on TV, FaceTimed family, had five Easter egg hunts, blew bubbles, ate lots of jelly beans, played outside, and ate tacos for Easter dinner. It was such a strange time, but I love the simplicity."

It is no surprise that local fashion and lifestyle blogger Karen Ortega would find the cutest swimwear for her dog, Annie Hall. "Five years ago, my fiancé and I made the best decision and brought Annie Hall home. We love her so much, so we threw her a cute little "pawty," said Karen. "I love that Annie is super friendly, loves to cuddle and thinks she is a human baby!"

When she's not hanging out in downtown Kirkwood, Sally, the golden retriever, can be found posing perfectly for her very own Instagram account @thegoldensally. And if we are talking Insta accounts, we have to include Frankie Biviano is a 3 1/2-pound Pomeranian known for being a supermodel who steals her human brother's snacks.  

"Jane is my happy little baby. She turns 1 this month, and she loves watching the chickens. Our eight chickens have been raised with three kiddos, so they are super sweet and friendly." said Katy Crets. 

"We are huge dog lovers, especially goldens," said Katie Renz. "We have Truman, an English Cream golden retriever, and Tucker, an American golden retriever. We call Tucker "frog dog" because he lays with his feet sprawled out like a frog." 

"I love that my kids have all grown up in Kirkwood being so excited to see the trains going by and going for walks to the farmers market and 'police park,'" said Jamie Moran. "And I love seeing them happy." 

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