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Kids' Play Haven

Merging four children’s personality together into a cohesive, stunning hangout spot

Article by Josephine Walter

Photography by Photos by Diandra

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

​Christmas morning surprises are always some of the most exciting times for children. Brigitte and Ty Gentry, owners of West Point Carpet One Floor & Home, ensured their surprise was over the top for their four kids. Their children were more than surprised after a month-long renovation to their unfinished basement on a beautiful Christmas morning.

The Gentry’s four children, Parker (16), Ollie (11), Tatum (14), and Breck (8), all love being active, playing sports, and spending time with one another.  

At first, the Gentry’s wanted to use their empty space downstairs for a theater room, but Brigitte had a better idea. She thought an upscale playroom could be something for their kids and their kids’ friends to enjoy all year round. Ty and Brigitte kept the ‘theater room’ a secret during the renovation so their kids wouldn’t know the epic surprise that awaited them on the morning of December 25th.

​“One night, it hit me; all my kids are soccer players. What if we gave them a place to play when the outdoors aren't an option. It seemed a bit crazy at first, but the idea grew on me,” Brigitte said. ​She told Ty about her idea, which he had to think about, but was easy to convince. They agreed that since all four of their children play soccer, an indoor sports court was a necessity, alongside a music and video game area, foosball table, and a spacious living room.

​Ty and Parker use the music area the most, practicing their guitar, ukulele, and piano talents. Tatum, Ollie, and Breck love the indoor soccer area. The versatility of the space gives everyone something to do through all seasons of the year. 

​“Our house is definitely a place the kids like to hang out. That was our main goal of the basement. We wanted our kids and their friends here,” Brigitte said. 

​From the music nook to the gaming zone sign and bunk beds to the sign that says, ‘live by grace, not perfection,’ the basement is a perfect place for an afternoon hangout spot for anyone and everyone – a kids' play haven, if you will.