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Kids’ Restaurant Review

Greeley kids visit local restaurants for tasty treats and honest reviews

Article by Oneil Walker

Photography by Tiara Rose Photographer & Adalyn Sinclair Photography

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

You can always count on kids to be one hundred percent honest with you – whether you like it or not. This is indeed true when asking them about food. Most kids have a strict preference on food, whereas some will eat anything! When it comes to restaurants, Greeley has so much to offer, so we asked a few local kids to try some tasty treats and give us their honest reviews for you, our readers. 

Sweet & Fancy Treats

By Out of the Blue, featuring Chloe, Breklyynn, Claire, and Adley Thompson

At Out of the Blue, a unique, locally-owned breakfast and brunch spot, Chloe (13), Breklynn (10), Claire (7), Adley (4) Thompson started their morning with some sweet treats that double as breakfast. They started with the Milk Flight, which included four kinds of flavored milk: Raspberry, Chocolate, Caramel, and Mint. “The milk is so fancy!” Chloe exclaimed. Adley, the youngest, loved the pink one with sprinkles and the sweet berry flavor. The girls finished their milk down to the last drop before moving on to their next fancy treat: Strawberries and Crème Biscuits. The girls described the biscuits as fluffy and the crème as sweet, like little strawberry clouds. Finishing them down to the last crumb, the girls were adamant that Out of the Blue was their new favorite place -- it even beat dad’s cooking! The Thompson girls gave Out of the Blue’s treats a 5/5 review and couldn’t wait to come back for another round of Milk Flights. 

Perfect Poolside Paradise 

By the Greeley Country Club, featuring Treston Norris

When it comes to burgers, the Greeley Country Club (GCC) achieved something not many other places have – a burger that tastes just as good as a fast-food burger but without all the chemicals. Treston (12) found that most homemade burgers taste charred, and when they’re charred they lose the delicate juiciness of a perfect, fast-food-like burger. The GCC’s burgers get the home-cooked taste without all the slight imperfections, and to top it off, their fries are salty with a little bit of spice. The poolside dining is great, and if you love to swim, then you’re in luck. The GCC is the perfect place to hang out with friends and family and enjoy a delicious poolside lunch. Treston gives the GCC poolside burger a 5/5 review with an added point for scenery! 

Sweet & Savory 

By Gourmet Grub, featuring Averie Maldonado

At Gourmet Grub, a local restaurant in the Westlake shopping area, Averie (5) was our taste tester for the popular pastry dessert made by Chef Justin, Cronuts. A cronut is like a donut, made with croissant dough. Chef Justin explained it as layers upon layers of butter throughout the pastry, topped with cinnamon and sugar sprinkles, also served with two dipping sauces, sweet butterscotch, and rich dark chocolate. At first bite, there were smiles all around. The yummy cronut was the perfect amount of sweet and savory brought together. Averie preferred the sweet butterscotch sauce over the dark chocolate, but enjoyed the cronut with and without the sauce. Averie gave the cronuts a 4/5  review, and mom loved getting a taste of the sweet treat as well!

Let Me Eat Cake!

By Fat Albert’s, featuring Erik Andersen

At the beloved local restaurant, Fat Alberts, Erik (13) was our valiant taste tester. Eating at the restaurant, which the family said has been their go-to place for years, Erik was given his choice of delicious pie by the owner, Susan. Without hesitation, Erik chose to try a slice of the Carrot Cake. At first glance, he said it was ‘delicious at first sight!’ At the first bite, he exclaimed, “very good!” The flavor he noticed first was the light and creamy cream cheese frosting. He said that the frosting was the best thing he was tasting! Erik said on a scale of 1-10, his rating would be 1,000. Erik was very pleased with his experience and can’t wait to bring his family back to Fat Albert’s to try another slice from Susan’s delicious pie selection.

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