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Man on the Move: Louie Pagano

When I think of male movers and shakers, I can’t help to look in my own family. All of my children are taking their own roads, and there are many roads to success.

One of my sons has grown up in the racing industry racing since he was 4 years old. Traveling around the world to compete in various races, he then went into coaching and continued traveling. About five years ago, Louie decided to jump into our family commercial construction company “anything you don't live in '' Littlefoot Construction. Each of our kids have worked for our company at different times. Louie is currently working in our business  intending to someday take it over and take the business to the next level.

My husband and I started our company over 30 years ago. Today our son is not only learning the trade, he is implementing new ideas and growing it—starting to hire his own team. The inspiration and time he puts into working long hours is sure to make him successful. Louie runs his ideas by us and even if we think that’s not the way we did it, we advise him to go for it and see if it works. We are so excited to watch not only our business grow, but to watch him grow. His interactions with new and past clients are exactly the way we have always run our company—we don't look for a one-time job, we want to continue to build all of their spaces, so we look for a long-term relationship.

Louie, your dad and I are so proud of you and we love watching your excitement every time you win a new contract and complete another job. We especially love that all the clients love working with you and can't say enough great things. We wish you continued success. We love that you are a hard worker, as hard work does pay off. Keep up your ambition and never give up. I believe you can have anything you put your mind to.

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