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Kimberly Weston

Meet the Artist and Entrepreneur

Kimberly Weston is a singer-songwriter, violinist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and poet. Her journey through life has been an inspiring one, filled with personal and professional challenges that have helped shape her into the multi-talented artist that she is today. 

Weston has always been passionate about music, and she began writing songs and poetry at a young age. Her talent for songwriting led her to her music career today, where she shares her music with the world. In fact, she has become a well-known presence in the event music space since starting her business in 2017. 

Alongside collaborations with jazz and corporate bands, Weston’s Good Vibes Only trio is hugely popular. As for her original music, listeners can find that anywhere music can be streamed, such as on iTunes and Spotify.

The fourth-generation Arizonian dazzles audiences with her soulful vocal stylings, which exude sincerity and emotion. She sold out The Nash Jazz Club in January, where she showcased her original songs, and also performed at the Chandler Jazz Festival, Mesa Jazz Festival, and Sun & Sounds Sunday concerts in Scottsdale. 

Her work often reflects a union of Latin and bossa rhythms that expertly dance between jazz and pop, while her lyrics speak to the themes of love, loss, and redemption.

In addition to her work as a musician, Weston runs Wedding Music by Kimberly, where she provides music for weddings and other special events. 

This summer, she’s taking her band to France to perform at a wedding of a high-profile client, and now expects to spend summers working there moving forward. Weston has a stellar reputation among elite wedding planners and clients.

Weston also focuses much of her efforts on the nonprofit arena. One of her most notable philanthropic works is her haunting song “The Lonely Miles,” which she wrote to raise awareness for the plight of homelessness and addiction. The song is a beautiful and emotional tribute to those who are less fortunate. Weston says she is seeking partnerships through this song to help chosen charities. 

She also is active with the Arizona Foundation for Women and provided live music for their annual charity event in February.

“I love that I can use my career to support events that need live music but also have a good cause,” she says. “I feel like you’ve made it when you work with clients you want to work with.”

As if she wasn’t busy enough, she also shares her poetry and other creative writings with her fans on her poetry website ( If the poem has a hook, she'll turn it into lyrics and release a song. 

Weston is also the mother of two children—her daughter will attend Pepperdine University next year, and her son is a talented golfer. 

She says that her experiences as a young mother have given her a unique perspective on life and dedication to succeed and pursue what she loves. 

This year, Weston will release two vinyl records. The first is a collection of her early songs, while the second is more of a singer-songwriter blend, showcasing her versatility as an artist. In terms of genre, she is still very genre-bending, releasing what she feels is most important for the world to hear at that moment, or most important for her to write at that moment. 

As for the future, even though she’s been incredibly successful on her own, she is also open to working with a label or other financial backing.

For now, Weston says she embraces being a one-woman show, on the stage as an artist and in business as an entrepreneur. 

“It’s so exciting to have full autonomy in what my days look like,” she says. “And it is healing for me to sing. Just expressing oneself is healing in and of itself. It’s very cathartic. And I hope when audiences hear it, they find love and light the same way, too.”;;

"It is healing for me to sing. Just expressing oneself is healing in and of itself. It’s very cathartic."