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Kingly Living at Kings Way

Explore this impressively unique home found in Augusta's historic Summerville

Article by Michelle W. Parnell

Photography by Photographs Provided by Image Pro 360

Originally published in Augusta City Lifestyle

Fifteen years ago, Trial Lawyer Joseph Neal Jr. of Augusta ended his house search the moment he stepped into Kings Way, a gorgeous Italian Renaissance Revival home built in 1924, located in the historic Summerville district. “I grew up on the Hill and lived in historic houses,” says Joes. “My dad re-did two of them, so it was something I’d been around my whole life. As soon as we walked through the front door, we were like, ‘this is it.'”

“I love the Italian architecture of the house,” adds Joe. Designed and built by architects Scroggs & Ewing, Kings Way, as it was originally named, boasts many classic Italian features rarely seen in our area, beginning with the yellow brick exterior and Ludowici green clay-tile roof.  “It’s called Ohio yellow brick, and the reason the brick is yellow,” says Joe, “is to emulate Tuscan villas and houses that have a limestone look.” The outer walls, which are one foot thick, are built with a layer of brick, followed by hollow tile walls, wood lathe, and then fine plaster.

Once inside, the Italian architecture blends seamlessly with French-inspired framed walls, mahogany French pocket doors, and a French country style kitchen. “I like the Roman arches that are all throughout the house in different areas,” says Joe. “The dining room and the den aren’t what you normally see; the walls have French frames on them - gold in the den and white in the dining room - and there are big mahogany pocket doors that go to each room.”

As the second owner of Kings Way, Joe had the adventure and challenge of restoring this classic home. “It was in need of a major overhaul aesthetically as well as functionally,” says Joe. “The house had good bones, but it was outdated. We completely rewired the house, added an HVAC system because they had radiators and window units, refinished all the floors, painted the mantels, and repainted and wallpapered the walls.”

In the process of remodeling the kitchen, crews discovered a special surprise. “We did demolition in the kitchen and had to knock out 3 different walls to bring 4 separate rooms into one open-air kitchen. One of the walls we knocked down had a chimney inside of it, so we revised the plans to build the stove around the chimney.” The original brick chimney now provides a glimpse into the history of the home in the midst of an open concept, modernized kitchen.

Once outside, remnants of the original garden intermingle with new landscaping and a modern, Romanesque gunite swimming pool, providing ample space to relax with family and friends or to host large gatherings within the privacy of the property, all surrounded by a wrought iron fence and lush green foliage.

Kings Way and its owner, Joe Neal, showcase the unique spirit of Augusta by embracing the home's history and roots while integrating modern technology and convenience, exuding elegance in a home that is truly one of a kind.