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Kiss Clutter Goodbye

How maximizing your home’s organizational spaces can optimize your health

Can home organization impact your mental health? According to WebMD, the answer is a resounding yes. Disorganization may be contributing to your stress and depression according to psychology reports. Get your clutter under control, and your attitude just may improve.

It doesn’t stop with mental health either. Clutter can also negatively impact your physical health. Peter Walsh, author of Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? noticed an association between the amount of clutter people have and their excess weight. The reason? Too much clutter in the kitchen or pantry equals too much consumption.

Here to help with improving home organization locally is Dayton native and owner of Dayton Designer Closets, Rachael Fahncke. “Home organization is certainly great for personal wellness but it doesn’t have to be ‘clinical only.’ Apart from maximizing every space, we’re being cognizant of trends and personal style to ensure a perfect design every time.”

Recently Jennifer Norman of Liberty Township installed a new closet from Dayton Designer Closets and the resulting impact it’s had on her homelife is overwhelmingly positive. “Rachael was wonderful to work. She paid attention to our specific needs, kept in close contact, had excellent ideas, and tripled our storage space.” Norman said. “She made suggestions during the planning process I never would have thought of independently without her guidance.”                                                                        

To learn about maximizing your home’s organizational spaces including closets, pantries, garages and more, visit or call (937) 519-4094.