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Kitchen Trends Any Foodie Will Devour

​​​​​​​Kitchen renovations are still on the rise as families continue to stay home

Article by Dana Rogers

Photography by Courtesy of TrueU Renovations and Construction LLC

Originally published in Henderson City Lifestyle

As a result of quarantine, more families are looking to renovate their homes to represent the new way families are living, working, and learning. As of fall 2021, there are a plethora of emerging home renovation trends - with the kitchen being the most popular project. 

Today’s kitchen serves as the hub of the household where families gather to cook, eat, relax and in today’s environment work and learn. Apart from a place for cooking and eating, the kitchen also needs to function as a family room, home office and occasional school room. When looking to renovate, homeowners must keep in mind the many purposes a kitchen now serves.

Below are the latest trends and tips to keep in mind for long-lasting style.

●     The first step is to determine your family’s needs. Do you need a larger space for preparing more homemade meals or extra room for a command center to gather schedules, mail, paperwork, keys, and phones? Or do you need a designated area for individuals to work and learn?

●     Next step, get inspired. Home magazines, websites and social media offer an endless array of ideas. Stick to the publications and sites that speak to your style and begin gathering your thoughts and ideas in a file or specified Pinterest board. Now is the time to think outside of the box and create an updated kitchen space that your family will not only enjoy, but one that will raise the value of your home.

●     While white and gray remain a favorite when it comes to kitchen color schemes, warmer shades are quickly gaining popularity. Designers are recommending warm whites and beiges combined with natural wood tones, brushed brass and woven textures. Another growing trend is incorporating color to remove the sterile feel of stark whites, cold grays, and highly polished surfaces. Alongside navy blue, cabinetry in a deep forest green is another strong trend.

●     The popular home and lifestyle show, “The Home Edit” has made pairing down and organizing the home another trend continuing into 2022. Open shelving displaying necessities, such as a stack of beautiful plates, bowels, drinking glasses and a potted green succulent help to create a feeling of space and tranquility. Additional items are stored and easily accessible in deep kitchen drawers that allow you to maximize storage.

●     In sync with open shelving, tile continues to be a popular choice for adding color and texture. Trending well into the next year are handmade tiles that incorporate various shapes and textures. Tile that extends all the way to the ceiling adds another element of space and height.

●     When it comes to countertops light colored marble, granite, quartz, and contemporary concrete continue to be the most popular and durable for today’s busy kitchens. Carrying the kitchen cabinetry and countertops into the adjacent laundry room, mud room or command center adds a seamless look.  Islands add additional space to eat, gather, and work.

●     Homeowners are also looking to add personal touches. A small painting leaning against the countertop wall, a favorite family photo framed on the counter, or a handsome desk lamp on the island add warmth and style.

As we continue to spend more time at home, keep notice of what works for you and your family in addition to what is trending in kitchen renovation and design. 

Dana Rogers has been in the homebuilding and real estate industries for more than 30 years being intimately involved in designing, building, marketing, and selling homes. He is a licensed contractor and real estate broker on more than 12,000 homes and the owner of TrueU Renovations & Construction, LLC and TrueU Real Estate.