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Kris Nunn Design

Kris Nunn is a lifetime learner with broad areas of interest and uses her wisdom in holistic health as a lens for designing homes that facilitate wellbeing, peace, and functionality for her clients. 

Kris's interest in design began when she was a young child, “while playing with blocks on the living room floor.” As she grew and became more aware of living spaces, she “noticed their capacity to reflect the personalities and philosophies of those living in them; as each individual is unique, it seemed that their spatial environments could express this to provide comfort and be a palette for self-expression.”

Following her education in art, design, and business programs, Kris curated her skills into her own custom furniture business, where she cultivated decades of experience in every area of the design process. Her background working with both artisans and clients has given Kris the ability to have a collaborative conversation with a client flow into a comprehensive design plan which utilizes every element of the senses–from light level to color, texture, sound, scent, and temperature–to reflect a client’s personality, (comfortability) yielding a home which is not only visually beautiful but also intimately purposeful in design.

Kris’s philosophy is that homes should be abundantly personal. She strives to create homes that “will last over the next hundred years,” but have room to grow and change as her clients and their families do. When creating architectural designs, Kris considers the future plans for her clients and their families–she delegates spaces that can transition from being a playroom for young children into a study space as they grow or a home gym above a garage which can be converted into an apartment. 

To Kris, “design is not just vision or a well-staged picture; it is meant to evoke an attunement with their space.”

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