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La Cuisine Brings Europe to Bozeman

One year ago, La Cuisine opened their doors, bringing something just a little different to the Bozeman area. “This was 100 percent my brainchild,” said owner Tina Cusker. As a military wife she had traveled all over the world with her husband, spending 7 years in Europe and 1½ years in South Korea. When they retired to Bozeman, one of the first things Tina realized was that Bozeman lacked a kitchen supply store. “But I didn’t want to just sell kitchen stuff,” she said. “I was an educator for years, teaching mostly elementary school kids, and I really wanted to bring an educational aspect to the store in addition to kitchen supplies.” And that is exactly what La Cuisine offers. The in-store classes give participants hands-on experience and instruction with several different chefs teaching a variety of cooking styles and cuisine. Some of the upcoming classes in September include, “What CAN’T he Sous-Vide?”, “Wild Game Sausage and More,” and “Oktoberfest Meets Montana.” 

Tina is very passionate about community, and she stresses, “It’s not all about us!” That is why La Cuisine partners with local chefs to teach the cooking classes. “This way, they can promote their businesses as well,” she said. La Cuisine has rolled sushi with Dave’s Sushi, fried cauliflower with Tanglewood Grill, and mastered local mushrooms from SporeAttic with Blacksmith Italian.

“Tony McPhail also teaches some of our classes, and he is the culinary director for Revelry, Dave’s Sushi, and Jam on Main,” Tina said. This summer, La Cuisine was also able to offer children’s classes with their parents. “It’s all about building relationships around the table when we break bread together,” Tina said. “So, the kids got to get their hands a little dirty and learn how to cook some healthy meals at the same time.”

The community-minded aspect continues into the retail side as well as the classes. La Cuisine carries products from local Montana vendors such as Bozeman Oil and Vinegar, Montana Block Cutting Boards, Earlywood Spoons crafted in Red Lodge, Ridgeline Spice, and Claudia’s Mesa. They will soon be carrying handcrafted local knives as well made by Cudaway Knives. There are also a variety of cookbooks available from local authors such as Chef Tony McPhail and Karen R. Barbee, author of The 406 Table.

In addition to the local flare, another focus of La Cuisine is primarily European, carrying items from France, Italy, and Belgium. “We carry Italian dinnerware and a variety of pasta makers,” Tina said. The shop also has been helping the war-torn countryside of Ukraine by carrying linens made from Ukrainian flax. “Each time you buy an item you are helping out those people and doing some good,” Tina said.

For more information on products La Cuisine carries or to inquire about the classes offered, you can call 406-404-1838, check out the website at or visit the store at 2405 W. Main, Suite 6, in the Oakwood Square Complex.