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Strawberry-Guava Cake

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Lady Wong Brings New York City Cakes & Pastries to Your Doorstep

The unique and buzzed-about cakes and pastries of Lady Wong have even the hardest to please New Yorkers going gaga over the new pastry and dessert shop. A pandemic project from husband-and-wife team, and Greenwich residents, Mogan Anthony and Seleste Tan quickly escalated into one of New York City's most talked about bakeries since opening its doors in 2022. Nestled in the East Village, Lady Wong rose to dessert royalty in just one year, with countless accolades, including what Eater New York called one of "the hottest bakeries in NYC right now."

"When the restaurants where we worked closed their doors, we longed for a happier time and the pastries of our childhood," says Tan. "So we decided to create our own to bring customers joy and a world of new flavors."

Anthony, originally from northern Malaysia, and Tan, who hails from Southern Malaysia, met at the Four Seasons Singapore, where Anthony worked front-of-house and Tan as a pastry chef. Little did they know that their meeting and many years of honing their skills in five-star hotels, resorts, and Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Jean Georges and Wylie Dufresne's WD-50, would culminate in running their pastry shop.

"Our shared experience in cooking, eating, and researching around the world have come together in the creation of Lady Wong," notes Anthony, who is no stranger to the Connecticut and Westchester dining scene, having served as culinary director of Village Social Restaurant Group with restaurants in Rye, Pleasantville, and Mount Kisco, NY and New Canaan, CT for nearly 12 years. "What started as the introduction of the nostalgic flavors of our childhood has grown into an almost new genre of pastries that celebrate Southeast Asian flavors but for a modernized palate."

Now, the couple has the ears and eyes of customers in their hometown, all eager to have these beautiful, almost museum-worthy cakes. Delivery to the area has begun, in addition to their recently launched nationwide shipping.

Tan continued, "This next step in sharing our offerings with Connecticut and Westchester was a natural progression. With our warm welcome in New York City, we are excited to continue to share these unique flavors - a celebration of East and West - in the area we call home."

Lady Wong has expanded its offerings to give Fairfield County and Westchester foodies something they've been missing — a special occasion cake or pastry at the center of their table and conversation. The pastry shop transcends the ordinary; its Black Sesame Passion Fruit Entremet, hiding a bright, fruity center beneath a dark, crackly, nutty dome, was included as The New York Times' "One of the Top 25 Restaurant Dishes We Couldn't Stop Thinking About'' in 2022. Unique flavors like pandan, passion fruit, sour plum, ube, calamansi, and durian keep customers wanting to try more, while colorful shades of lilac, mint green, or poppy red serve as iconic styles of the shop.

Anthony and Tan recommend Strawberry-Guava Entremet for the love-themed month with its fruity fragrance, soothing flavors, and gentle textures. It's incredibly light and refreshing, serenely highlighting the rich and fruity tones of natural guava and strawberries that refresh the palate along with velvet cream cheese mousse. Other popular offerings include Pandan Pistachio Royaltine Cake, the tangy Calamansi & Passionfruit Cake, the unique Matcha Mille Crepe, and the decadent Peanut Butter Cake.

Additionally, platters featuring a mixture of Lady Wong's traditional and modernized treats, are available for online ordering. For more information and to place orders, customers can visit

  • Strawberry-Guava Cake
  • Strawberry-Guava Cake
  • Lady Wong's New York City storefront