Lana's love for art inspires us all.

Lana Williams Warm, free, inspiring, pleasant, and a breath of fresh air are what comes to mind when you think of the artist, Lana Williams.

Lana Williams was told as a student in high school that “You couldn’t make a living as an artist, so pick something else”. She obviously didn’t listen. Lana is the founder and resident artist at Lana Williams Gallery. She purchased her Preston Avenue location in the lovely and familiar Old Town Spring back in the 1980s as a permanent home that could accommodate the growing sales of her artwork. Eventually, she and her husband purchased an adjoining location off of Preston and built on a studio and a garage apartment.

Lana’s medium as an artist has changed over time, as her style has transferred to more acrylics, watercolors, and ink in her painting. Her life has also seen many transitions, from motherhood to artist to gallery owner to world traveler. She and her husband partially retired in 2000 and lived on their sailboat, sailing the Bahamas, where they eventually built a home and a life there on the island.

Lana continued to paint and re-discovered watercolors in the studio her husband had built for her on the boat. She painted the water, the sky, sea life, and the wonderful people she would meet in the different towns where they docked. Every six months, she would gather her art and bring it back to the gallery.

When you visit the gallery, you will see a touch of those recent art passion projects she has brought home: beautiful full-scale watercolors of people with handcrafted papers, collages often painted over her hand sketches, and her latest artwork in clay. Lana’s incredible sculptures depict the detailed and exaggerated expressions of people, combining beautiful mediums and color. You also get the opportunity to see first-hand how her ideas come to fruition in her daily morning journals, where her creativity starts flowing through studies in sketches, playful paint, inks, fabrics, and anything else that may inspire her that particular morning. Lana’s style comes from her own inspirations that she feels and sees. Lana doesn’t need an “Aha moment”. She doesn’t wait for inspiration. She creates her own moments.

Teenagers have been buying a lot of Lana’s morning study pieces and it brings her great joy to see youths appreciate what she does. She considers this a tremendous compliment to herself as an artist.

The passion and talent run in the family. In 2000, Lana’s daughter, Kelly, and son-in-law, Richard, took over the gallery. Everything in the shop is created by members of the family. Kelly makes beautiful jewelry and three-dimensional art out of earth stones and her latest pieces are beautiful sculptures showcasing her work with stones. Richard works with metal, creating beautiful home décor items such as table bases, drapery hardware, fireplace screens, and wall accents.

While visiting Lana Williams Gallery, you may have the opportunity to actually see some of Lana’s work in progress and chat with her for a few minutes. She is a humble person who is just inspired by people – “They are really fun!” When you look up at the clouds and see a bunny, a horse, or whatever you make of them, you will think of Lana Williams’ art. Like the clouds, no two pieces are alike and there is something for everyone at Lana Williams Gallery

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