Landmark Jewelers

A Brightly Shining Landmark in the Heart of St. Paul

Landmark Jewelers sits on Saint Peter St. in St. Paul, in the street-front shop in the historic Hamm Building it has occupied since 1883. But this jewelry store isn’t quite the same as the chain store jewelry stores you might be more familiar with. This store boasts character, comfort, and a unique charm you just can’t put your finger on (pun intended).

You'll see beautiful giftware in stunning display cabinets along one side of the store, ranging from crystal vases to dishes and more. 

Throughout the rest of the store, you’ll see gemstones shining brightly, just waiting to add sparkle and a touch of joy to whomever it will adorn. But perhaps most bright within this iconic fine jewelry store is co-owner Tamara Sparrow.

As my wedding ring, earrings, and pendant necklace received a complimentary cleaning, I asked Tamara to tell me her story and how her place at Landmark Jewelers came to be.

Keeping the Shine On - Both Vintage and New

Tamara and her brother, Jeff Sparrow, took ownership of Landmark Jewelers in January 2023. Tamara shared how her experience in the jewelry industry spans nearly 18 years, from when she started as an office manager with another jewelry store. 

And until she went in for that interview, Sparrow said she had never been in a fine jewelry store before. As she tells the story, her face lights up as she describes the joy and wonderment she experienced checking in “all the sparkly jewelry.”

It wasn’t long before Sparrow found that her passion was for more than just jewelry. She had a business sense, too, working her way up, moving from office manager to sales associate and finally to assistant store manager. She learned the ropes but soon realized she wanted more flexibility and freedom than a jewelry store backed by a corporation could offer. 

“I wanted to work for an independent jewelry store,” she reminisced. “And then I stumbled upon Landmark Jewelers. I was immediately captivated by the charm of the store.”

Sparrow was soon introduced to then-owner Sarah and was given the opportunity she didn’t realize she’d been dreaming of. For the next 13 years, Sarah took Tamara under her wing, teaching her all that the business had to offer. So it only made sense that as retirement began to loom for the current owner, she would look to her protege for interest in taking it over. “I wasn’t sure at first,” said Sparrow. But during a dinner conversation with one of her brothers, Tamara mentioned buying the landmark jewelry store. Before she knew it, she had a co-investor, and the sister-brother team made the decision to move forward.

Jeff focuses on the back office today, and Tamara manages the storefront. “We’re in the happy business. We get to celebrate and be part of people’s most joyous occasions.” 

A Fine Jewelry Store with More 

But as mentioned earlier, this store isn’t just your typical run-of-the-mill jewelry store. “We host events of all kinds. Whether it is an event for the community or a private event such as an engagement or even a ladies’ night get-together amidst the jewelry,” Tamara says they can cater to just about any need.

Landmark Jewelers offers free jewelry cleaning, watch and jewelry repair, appraisals, and anything you could ask for in a fine jewelry establishment.

As I departed and stood in awe of some of the pieces in the brightly lit cases, Tamara shared that “yellow gold is all the rage right now. So are the fancy shapes such as the oval, pear, marquise, and radiant cuts. Still popular, too, is the classic solitaire with matching bands.” So whether you are looking for a traditional, modern, or truly vintage piece, Landmark Jewelers has what you’re looking for, ready to help you make the perfect statement.

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