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Local Landscaping Company Shares Its Expertise on Lifetime TV

Article by Michelle Talsma Everson

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Originally published in North Peoria Lifestyle

Lights, camera, action!

Arizona’s Greenest Grass (AZGreenestGrass.com) will make its Lifetime TV debut this fall on a special episode of “Designing Spaces” documenting their work with a Valley homeowner.

“Designing Spaces” is an award-winning home improvement show that travels nationwide documenting remodeling, redecorating, and redesigning projects. Lifetime TV says, “The entertaining, educational show features innovative decorating ideas, do-it-yourself projects, and step-by-step transformations that inspire women everywhere to tackle home improvement challenges and decorating dilemmas.”

The episode that Arizona’s Greenest Grass will air in the Phoenix market this fall.

The Designing Spaces Project

“They [the show] reached out directly to us, and I had my husband call them back to make sure they were legit,” explains Leslie Noyes, co-owner and director of operations alongside her husband, Eric. “They were very real, and working with them was a wonderful experience that brought our already tight team closer together.”

Arizona’s Greenest Grass specializes in landscape design and installation of artificial turf, pavers, travertine, outdoor lighting, steps, planters, irrigation, trees, plants, and more. The local family-owned and operated company also creates private outdoor living spaces with play areas for children and pets.

The Valley client featured in the upcoming “Designing Spaces” episode had a design involving travertine walkways, outdoor lighting, artificial turf around their pool, and borders with rocks, plants, and palm trees.

“The TV show used a lot of our footage that we do with a drone and also came to interview the team and the homeowners after the project was completed,” Noyes adds. “We had the opportunity to watch the final take, and the answers were not scripted—they were genuine—and it was amazing to see the homeowners express their true excitement and reactions.”

She notes that the clients featured in the episode came into the project with a design in hand. That’s not often the case, so Arizona’s Greenest Grass can also design home projects for clients.

Noyes shares that the experience of filming their work and working with an experienced TV crew was a lot of fun. “It was really exciting to showcase what we do,” she says.

Choosing the Valley's Best Landscape Professionals

So, why do they think that they were chosen for the feature? “The fact we’ve been a licensed contractor for 25 years speaks to the quality of work we do,” Noyes says. “We are licensed professionals, our work is up to code, and those concerned about quality products and safety should know our artificial turf is safe, durable, and made in the U.S.A.”

“We are not just another artificial grass installer,” she continues. “Our team takes great pride in the products that we use as well as high-quality workmanship. Our turf must look natural; otherwise, we won’t carry it.”

She adds that community is vital to her family and their business. “We are so grateful to our local customers and the community at large for the success we’ve experienced after more than two decades here in the Valley,” Noyes says.

While at the time of the interview, the show airing date was still to be determined, local viewers can go to AZGreenestGrass.com/featured-on-designing-spaces for all the details. Noyes adds that they also are planning an exclusive viewing party and plan to use the TV appearance in their marketing at community events and home shows. They also plan to have the episode accessible on their website as well.

“We are looking forward to sharing this episode with the community this fall and hope they enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed filming it,” Noyes says.

We are not just another artificial grass installer. Our team takes great pride in our products and our high-quality workmanship.

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