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Landscaping You’ll Love

Enjoy the beauty of a professionally designed and maintained property

While lush lawns and professional landscaping can set a beautiful stage for any home, most homeowners are now also focused on enjoying an outdoor oasis right in their own backyards. Schendel Lawn & Landscape, in business since 2011, has the experience to create a gathering place where family and friends will want to spend time relaxing and socializing. 

“People are asking for patios, fire pits, and even pool designs,” says co-owner Aaron Jones. “They’re looking for enhancements to their current landscapes, including adding trees and plantings.”  

Lighting is also in high demand. It adds ambience and character while increasing functionality by allowing homeowners to stay out well after sundown. Water features are also a big hit. “Bubbling water is a great sound, and we provide many options,” he says. “For example, we can drill a hole in basically any rock and pipe water through that hole.” In addition to the aesthetic enjoyment, the sound of water is peaceful and calming and he says one of its biggest selling points. 

There are also many design options when it comes to fire features. “There's a growing interest in the crushed glass medium where it looks like the glass is actually glowing off the fire,” says Aaron. Others prefer the look and smell of burning wood in a traditional fire pit. 

By also providing full-service maintenance for residential customers, it allows homeowners to spend less time seeding, pulling weeds, fertilizing, and mowing and more time doing what they love, while also enjoying a beautiful outdoor oasis. 

Maintenance and design services are also performed for commercial businesses in order to provide professional and inviting landscapes for both employees  and customers. Mulching, planting and pruning are also part of the package. 

Schendel Lawn & Landscape provides drainage solutions as well. One family had water pooling in their yard, which made it difficult to use. Retaining walls were built to direct water away from the backyard, and at the same time, provided seating around their fire pit.

Many of his employees have been with him for over 10 years. “We've got a fantastic team and we instill in all our folks to treat people as they want to be treated, and to treat all projects with care and professionalism. They ask good questions and listen to customers.” 

Adds Aaron, “Our goal is to design spaces to let people enjoy the outdoors and create spaces for not only community with their neighbors, but community within their own family.”

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