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Language of the Soul

Gii Astorga: Local Up and Coming Artist

Giarmo (Gii) Astorga, Greeley native and musician is making waves in the community. From his Mexican and American roots, Astorga has a deep passion for music, and strives to make his shows as entertaining as possible. Astorga hopes to inspire those interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.. Astorga is a firm believer in having confidence and boldness to achieve dreams and aspirations. "Whatever you want to do, just get up the courage, and do it!” says Astorga. 

Astorga started his solo career at the Island Grill, now Doug’s Diner, at an open mic night around 2013. Working at a bank, Astorga decided to transition to a music career and pursue his passion for entertainment. The unique artist would describe his music as, “optimistic writing, love and the happy moments in life.”

To discover how music is the language of the soul, listen to Astorga's songs through streaming platforms, visit his website at, or find him playing live at popular local spots. 

  • Gii Astorga

"Whatever you want to do, just get up the courage to do it, and do it!”