Las Vegas is becoming the Solar Capital of the World

How you can seamlessly switch to solar energy

With such volatile energy prices, solar energy is an ideal option for those looking to reduce spending. Lucky for us in Henderson, Sol-Up offers design and solar panel installation for residential, commercial, and public service clients with the latest solar technologies at competitive prices.

Despite a well-known lack of sunshine, Germany, the world leader in solar energy, can generate 50 percent of all energy demand at peak times. After 20 successful years as a company leader in Germany, Sol-Up Founder and Chief Executive Officer Frank Rieger came here in 2009, bringing his authenticity, strong work ethic, and empowering attitude when he saw the potential to turn Nevada and the west coast into the solar energy capital of the world.

Rieger believed that customers who experience the technology are more likely to get solar panel installations, so he created the only solar installation company in the area with a showroom to showcase the different technologies suited to Nevada’s environment.

Customers choose Sol-Up due to its viability, financial structure regarding pricing, and concierge customer service representatives that assist with all matters, including HOA approvals, permits, and statuses towards installation. They use only the highest quality materials and have an experienced team of professionals specializing in solar services, from installation and maintenance to system design and financing.

Installation teams undergo rigorous training on all roof types and complex electrical hookups at Sol-Up’s Solar University at their Dean Martin Campus, focusing on safety, quality, and aesthetics. With engineering as their foundation, the team thoughtfully designs each system with passion and purpose.

Engineers install the highest quality energy products by forging strategic partnerships with industry giants like Meyer Burger, Tesla, SPAN, and ProVia with a keen eye toward carefully aligning with like-minded engineering-focused partners. Meyer Burger has been at the top of the solar industry for decades, forging ahead as the number one manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic (P.V.) cells and modules. Sol-Up installed the first Meyer Burger panel in the U.S. in Las Vegas and is their only U.S. Pinnacle Partner.

Sol-Up is Nevada’s No. 1 Tesla Powerwall Certified installer, an integrated battery system that stores solar energy for backup protection when the grid goes down, detecting outages and automatically recharging with sunlight to keep appliances running for days. Tesla’s vertical integration and product design offers the lowest cost per kWh of an integrated Off-Grid battery system with advanced cell technology and battery management, allowing a superior depth of discharge with a 10-year warranty. This long life, with all the daily capacity available, means Powerwall will both outlast and outperform traditional Off-Grid energy storage systems.

The electrical panel is an essential part of your home, interfacing with the grid, solar, battery storage, and everything you power. SPAN Smart Panel is the electrical panel reimagined, making home energy connected and intuitive and easier to adopt clean energy and optimize power. If you get an alert of a power outage, you can determine what to power up directly from your smartphone, offering flexibility to manage numerous vital zones in your home, from your refrigerator, wine collection, or medical devices.

Sol-Up has the expertise and resources to complete solar projects quickly, safely, and efficiently using only the highest quality materials. It’s been the backbone of cutting-edge technology, helping revolutionize solar engineering since 2009 by installing heterojunction technology on residential projects due to its superior efficiency and performance under extreme heat conditions.

Over 30 percent of their business comes through referrals, giving testament to their focus on core values of quality and service. The premier provider of solar and battery storage with a commitment to excellence makes Sol-Up the go-to solar installer in Nevada.

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