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Lashes are the New "IT" Feature

Deka Lash Will Keep Yours Looking Flawless

Beauty experts agree: If you only have time to focus on one feature in your beauty regimen, it should be your lashes. “Look around, and you’ll notice that lashes are the new fashion statement. It’s not the lips that people are accentuating anymore, it’s the eyes,” said Abigail Perry, marketing director at Deka Lash, The Woodlands.

Lashes are an essential part of today’s wardrobe, but achieving that awesome lash look at home isn’t a breeze. “It can be a real time commitment to get the look you want with mascara,” said Perry. “There’s also the time spent taking it off at night. Then, you start all over again the next morning!

That’s why Deka Lash is a game changer for women who want the carefree confidence of a stunning set of lashes every day, without the hassle. “One of our clients has a hectic  job in the energy industry, and now she’s able to get an extra hour of sleep instead of waking up at the crack of dawn!” said Perry.

Perry said Deka’s Lash’s innovative lash technology creates a wide spectrum of creative possibilities for enhancing your already-beautiful eyes.:

TrueXpress is the only lash extension of its kind, providing a full, natural look in half the time, without sacrificing quality. Perry said it’s the ideal extension for those just getting into the lash scene, a “Get Up and Go” set of lashes that will take them anywhere.

TrueVolume provides as much volume, length and curl as you want and conveys the full-on expressive range of what Deka Lashes can do.

 For those who love luxurious length and curl, Deka Lash’s Classic  lashes are the perfect choice. Applied one extension at a time, clients get the look of mascara—without the mascara!

And, if clients want a hybrid look, Perry said Deka Lash’s experienced lash artists can even customize the extensions, combining styles to create wispy, cat-eye, doll-eye, or another trending lash look.

Perry said that with Deka Lashes, there’s no worry about damage to natural lashes, because each extension is placed on an individual natural lash and sheds naturally, along with the natural lash. Deka extensions are easy to maintain with Deka’s specially formulated line of aftercare products that keep lashes looking awesome between sets.

With a Deka Lash membership, clients can change the style of their lashes at any time. “Whether your lifestyle changes or you just want to update your look, we can go wherever life takes you, and keep you looking fantastic.” said Perry. 

  • Lash experts at Deka Lash can help you select the set that meets your lash goals
  • Visit Deka Lash, The Woodlands, conveniently located at 24527 Gosling Road
  • The studio at Deka Lash, The Woodlands, offers a sleek, modern vibe, complete with ergonomic beds and music