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LatterHouse Decor

Preparing For Fresh Home Starts And Domestic Violence Awareness Month

LatterHouse Decor is a nonprofit organization founded by Shalonda Waggoner, a domestic abuse survivor and advocate. She's in the business of helping other women start new, more positive, chapters in their lives. 

"Many times individuals who've been hurt due to domestic violence are forced to start over in a new home with only the clothes on their backs and little to nothing else. Our Purple Ribbon Mission of LatterHouse Decor is to provide no-cost interior decorating services to those women and families," explains Shalonda. 

She says the objective of the organization's decorators, photographers, movers and other professionals is to assist the families in turning their new houses into real homes by assessing their needs and doing all they can to fulfill their wishlist. "We furnish and decorate these homes with donations from all over, having to spend little to no money out-of-pocket. Our design team is phenomenal and brings all of the beautiful donations together effortlessly and seamlessly, creating a beautiful, comforting and peaceful space for our clients."

Shalonda assures, "We strive to give hope and beauty to those rising from the ashes of a dark time in their lives."

October is an especially important time for LatterHouse because it's designated as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which reflects both physical and emotional abuse. Victims may call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1.800.799.7233.

Maria Burke, LatterHouse vice president and lead interior decorator, says the charity's overall approach to assistance follows a thorough, step-by-step process:

  1.     Client Questionnaire
  2.     Client Consultation, measuring the space, before pictures
  3.     Create List of Needs Flyer
  4.     Create Space Plan and Design Concept 
  5.     Email and Facebook Blast with Needs Flyer
  6.     Research Online Sources for free, relevant items
  7.     Drop Off/Pick-Up Donation Days
  8.     Prep and Design Day
  9.     Final Gather
  10.     Installation Day/After pictures
  11.     Pray and Anoint the Home and Client

Adrianna Amos, LatterHouse community relations specialist, says the group works throughout the DFW region, currently partnering with three shelters.

Fundraising occurs through yard sales and percentage proceeds meal nights, such as with California Pizza Kitchen and Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers in Frisco, says Adrianna. Furniture and home decor items can be donated. "We also accept monetary donations, which are all used to help bring a feeling of peace, beauty and belonging to families that have been relocated due to domestic violence," she adds.

LatterHouse speakers also may be requested to personally explain the nonprofit's mission and organization. 

Shalonda Waggoner:  469.924.7954 or
Maria Burke, Vice President and Lead Decorator:  469.427.1116 or