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Lavish And Luxury Homes

Twelve Of The Most Outrageous Real Estate Listings

Home sweet home, what a simple and sweet saying. 

Being able to own a house is one of the many facets of achieving the American dream, and everyone hopes for a place that they can head home to at the end of the day, where they are able to kick up their feet and feel right at peace with the world. Ultimately, just having a place to call their own.

Due to the beautiful scenery and southern charm, Tennessee always has been a desirable place to live. However, as Nashville continues to be a hot spot for tourism, there’s been an increase in people moving to the area causing the real estate market to grow and attempt to adapt to the sudden need for houses in the surrounding areas. This has led to a positive shift in the local real estate market for sellers. However, it’s also impacted the way that houses are being renovated and built. Many houses that have been around for generations have undergone modern renovations and updates or restoration whilst new construction is popping up left and right, promising big and beautiful homes with endless ideas to those who purchase the land.

Jessica Petersen, marketing director of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Woodmont Realty, says:  “Middle Tennessee's overall appeal as a desirable location for residents and investors remains intact, but the current landscape favors cautious and strategic decision-making. As interest rates play a key role in shaping buyer behavior, closely monitoring market dynamics and staying informed about rate fluctuations is crucial for all parties involved. With careful navigation, both buyers and sellers can find opportunities in this evolving Middle Tennessee real estate market.”

In a time where real estate is a topic often on people’s lips, some listings stand out more so than others from the crowd thanks to their prime location and immaculate architecture. The quest for the perfect home sometimes isn’t easy, and it’s Realtors that stand behind their listings with pride that make the house-hunting process a more easy and enjoyable one.

A good Realtor can help their clients find a home, but an even better Realtor is one who is able to match their clients to idealistic listings that go above and beyond their expectations and makes their life feel all the more luxurious. Sure, one could settle for just any house, but why settle when you can have the more outrageous option?

A Realtor can show listings with home features that house hunters didn’t even think were possible, such as beautiful backyards with a guest house and an immaculate pool, or elevators.

Middle Tennessee has nothing short of breathtaking homes. Houses that are so dreamy and beautiful that people are left in awe as they drive past one house to the next, all of these houses being unique in their own way.

In a community that’s filled with beautiful homes, Brentwood Lifestyle has gathered 12 listings that truly stand out in a modern-day real estate market due to their outrageous home features, stunning design, and the Realtors behind the houses.

(Photo One):

7 Colonel Winstead, Brentwood, 37027 sold for $4.5 million and features an infinity edge pool, gourmet kitchen and a putting green outdoor space. Listed by Gabrielle Collins.

(Photo Two):

13 Colonel Winstead Drive, Brentwood, 37027 sold for $3.9 million, and is nearly 15,000 square feet, complete with an elevator and a theater room. Listed by Gabrielle Collins

(Photo Three):

8324 Moores Lane, Brentwood, 37027 is currently on the market for $7.9 million and includes a guest house, pub room with bar and a 6.5 car garage. Listed by Susan Gregory

(Photo Four):

8902 Palmer Way, Brentwood, 37027 is currently on the market for $3.9 million and is a new build complete with a wet bar and pool. Listed by Erin Krueger.

(Photo Five):

8909 Palmer Way, Brentwood, 37027 is currently on the market for $4.4 million and is a new build complete with an outdoor fireplac, and a wet bar. Listed by Erin Krueger.

(Photo Six):

4093 New Highway 96 W. Franklin, 37064 is currently on the market for $2.2 million and features a gourmet chef's kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a first-floor primary suite and sits on nearly 10 acres. Listed by Jamie Shea.

(Photo Seven):

1007A Highland Road, Brentwood, 37027 sold for $3 million and features a wine cellar, a chef's kitchen and a media room. Listed by Jennie Clements.

(Photo Eight):

800 Singleton Lane, Brentwood, 37027 sold for $1.7 million and includes a rustic stacked stone fireplace, double ovens and a walk-through shower. Listed by Eileen Giger.

(Photo Nine):

750 County Road 2023, Crane Hill, AL 35053 sold for $2.5 million and is right on Lewis Smith lake complete with an elevator and a bar area. Listed by Justin Dyar.

(Photo Ten):

445 Allen Road, Crane Hill, AL 35053 is currently on the market for $2.5 million and is right on Lewis Smith lake and features a double dock and a screened in porch. Listed by Justin Dyar.

(Photo Eleven):

109 Chatfield Way, Franklin, 37067 was sold for $2.3 million and features a theatre room, spa bathroom and outdoor brick fireplace. Listed by Paula Hinegardner.

(Photo Twelve):

1100 Athena Court, Franklin, 37069 was sold for $2.8 million and features an outdoor kitchen, screen porch with stone fireplace and a media room. Listed by Paula Hinegardner.