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Dena Patton’s Rigorous Professional Coaching and Training Draws Powerful CEOs, Celebrities, and Movers and Shakers From Around the Globe

Dena Patton was a young entrepreneur helming her own successful business in the bustling Big Apple. She was living the dream she had taken a chance on and had worked so hard for when, at 27, she suffered a minor stroke. 

While she was learning how to speak—and basically live—again, it would’ve been easy for her to become bitter over the harsh hand life had dealt her. However, the native Phoenician chose the opposite attitude.

“For me, I call it my blessed interruption. When we look at devastating things, if we look at it as a lesson and find the blessing in it, it changes our whole perspective,” Patton says. 

As she worked to get back on track, that life-changing experience became a career reawakening, as well—it resulted in Patton opening her coaching and training business that helps top entrepreneurs build their businesses to new heights of impact and income.

Over the last 21 years, Patton has been instrumental in more than 1,000 high-powered business leaders elevating their professional and personal lives through her coaching programs. One of her most popular programs is a three-day VIP retreat that takes place at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain resort, where she focuses one-on-one with her clients, mostly CEOs, business leaders, and celebrities, all of whom are willing to undergo the rigorous coaching for which she is known.

Patton’s clients fly in from around the world thanks to elite word-of-mouth.

“Most of my clients are from different industries, but they are all out to change the world. They want to live and lead in their greatness and build a great company—that’s what they have in common,” Patton says. 

One of them, Nancy Beck, CEO of Beck Financial Strategies, says, “The three-day retreat at the Sanctuary Resort with Dena sparked large change and growth for my business. It’s hard for a lot of leaders and CEOs to disconnect from their busy lives and take the time to invest in our brand and ourselves. But it has led to months of growth, self-reflection, and growth opportunities, and we continue to use Dena’s strategies to focus on and achieve our goals.”

At age 21, Patton moved from her hometown of Phoenix to New York City with a dream. At 24, she was running her own PR and marketing firm that served the entertainment industry in film, Broadway, and TV. At 27 came the stroke. She realized how her bad work habits led to 17-hour workdays, a poor diet, and high stress. 

“It made me look at who I was being, how I was running my business, and running my life … I would not have the life, the company, and the global reach I have today without that happening,” Patton says,

After her recovery, at age 28, she sold that business and started anew by building her next business, Dena Patton Coaching & Training. She specialized in helping business owners with their marketing strategy and internal systems.

But, she soon learned that a leader's mindset is the crucial element of their success, so she began mindset training, and spent much of her time researching very successful people and their mindsets.

After 10 years she wrote her best-selling book The Greatness Game: How to live and lead like you mean it. She also added mindset and leadership training to her methodology, which is the secret behind her client’s results.

Post-pandemic is proving to be very busy for Patton. She is seeing that more leaders are taking a hard look at their companies—from improving their values, culture, strategies, systems, and productivity to the need to attract quality employees to stay competitive.

The partnership begins with a consultation. Patton goes over goals and shares the expectations, on both sides. If the client is not a fit, she passes.

Through the one-on-one coaching journey, Patton serves as a weekly, unshakable stand for her client’s goals. She not only serves strategy and powerful solutions but is also an accountability partner who gets results.

“I call them to their greatness. You cannot be a mediocre leader and expect great results. You have to be a great leader to lead a great company,” she says.

If clients are looking for more of an intensive and immersive experience they can book the VIP three-day retreat at the Sanctuary, where together they will accomplish the most important three or four business goals or challenges, along with plenty of mind, body, and spirit rejuvenation.

This program is for those willing to take Patton’s training to heart.

“A coaching relationship is a very beautiful, confidential relationship. It is based on trust, on both sides. You cannot get the coach and not be willing to do the work,” she says. “What we need now is more great leaders, and that’s why I love what I do.”

After 20 years she feels like she is just getting started. Her 2023 is already filled with a TED Talk, team training and retreats, and amazing coaching clients. The best gratification for Patton is seeing her clients win in their leadership, their sales, and their culture. The bonus win is when clients realize they can start to give back in bigger ways.

“When they say, ‘I can finally write that $100,000 check to a school or charity that I love because my business is doing so well,’ that’s a big win for their legacy and impact. I want people to have their own personal ripple effect” Patton says. “With every single client I work with, I feel blessed and honored that they would allow me to help them grow their business and their life.”

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