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Born in Ireland, Noel Naughton came to the United States when he was six. He worked on Wall Street, but following 9/11, he decided to leave corporate America to enhance his quality of life and work with his dad in the family roofing and gutter business. Noel’s father had initially formed the company in 1993-94, and Noel was involved in working with the business throughout the years. Following his father’s passing in 2010, Noel took over the company himself. Leaf Free Home Improvements is now a premier roofing, siding, gutter, window, and veneer contractor in Bergen County.

Although these jobs don’t offer the visual reward of a new kitchen or bathroom, upkeep of your roof and gutter system is critical to maintaining a well-kept home.

“Many people put off this kind of work or try doing it themselves to save money. However, when homeowners don’t professionally maintain their gutters, they can eventually clog and flood the roof, ceiling, and foundation of the home during a downpour. That can cost a lot of money to repair,” says Noel.

Professional maintenance and cleaning make a big difference in keeping your home dry throughout the storm seasons. Leaf Free will also advise homeowners on whether a new gutter system is necessary to protect their homes.

A member of the K-Guard Gutter network of dealerships, Leaf Free Home Improvements offers the highest-quality products available. “The K-Guard Leaf Free gutter system is the best maintenance-free gutter system on the market today. It looks like crown molding and comes in various colors to complement your home,” says Noel. “Our seamless gutter cover hinges open for easy cleaning, preventing debris, bird nests, and animals from clogging your drainage system.”

Aside from the trickledown damage caused by clogged gutters, homeowners should also pay attention to missing roof shingles. “If a shingle blows off, it’s easy to ignore, but it’s best not to wait for a catastrophic event before investing in a new roof,” Noel advises. “A roof is a hard thing to spend money on, but it’s a good idea to have a reserve fund to help manage the costs when it’s time to replace it.”

Leaf Free is a family business with a no-nonsense approach that reflects its mission to serve the local community by providing outstanding services at a fair price. Their fair and transparent pricing structures are in direct contrast to the policies of large, nationwide gutter companies. Noel quickly points out some of the significant benefits of working with a family-owned and -operated local contracting business.

“We don’t take up a lot of the homeowner’s time when we meet to give a proposal. We aren’t the cheapest, but we will never take advantage of people. We are honest and professional, and that’s how we run our business. I am shocked at what some of the big companies are charging their customers for gutters. When you hire a nationwide company or use the services of a big box store, it’s pretty challenging to deal with them when you have a problem. They use subcontractors to do the installation, and once it’s complete—they’re gone. They lack the personal, one-to-one connection that we have with our customers. Our foremen have been with us for an average of 20 years! We have a storefront space right on Kinderkamack Road in Emerson, so our clients know where to find us if there is a question or problem.”

Leaf Free Home Improvements must be doing something right—70-80% of their business is from referrals. “We were able to decrease our marketing budget thanks to all of the wonderful referrals we get from our clients,” states Noel.

Leaf Free provides a full array of exterior home services, from roofing, vented soffits, trim, and capping to all new siding, windows, and custom Leaf Free gutters or open seamless gutters—all under “one roof.”

A quality gutter system is an essential element of any well-maintained home, and if it’s not done right the first time, you may have to do it again. Leaf Free is the contractor of choice in Pascack Valley for homeowners who want to get the job right, and their reputation speaks for itself.

“Hard work and dedication go a long way,” says Noel.


Page 2  “If a shingle blows off, it’s easy to ignore, but it’s best not to wait for a catastrophic event before investing in a new roof,”

Page 3  "Our clients know where to find us if there is a question or problem.”

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