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Leave Driving, Crowds To Them

Local Delivery Team Steps Up With Personal Service And Extra Communications

As a Brentwood-based concierge company guided by Southern hospitality, Nashville Delivers offers dependable delivery services for restaurant take-out, beer, wine, liquor and catering.

More than 300 restaurants and nine liquor stores can be accessed through this premiere delivery company. Participating food and beverage providers can be sorted by six factors:  fastest, cuisine, fee, name, distance and minimum.

“Since the pandemic, our business quadrupled,” says Nashville Delivers co-owner Shawn Stewart, who helped launch this company in 2016.

"What separates us from other delivery companies is the personal communication and the extra steps in service that our customers get. They receive calls or text messages from our live dispatchers to confirm orders before they're placed with the restaurant or liquor store. Anyone who calls our 888 number during our operating hours can get a hold of us right away, not 24 hours later," he says. 

The company's deliveries are handled in three steps:  1) enter zip code, address and desired delivery time. 2) Pick a participating restaurant on the online list and order items. 3) Check out, and food should arrive within 45 to 60 minutes. Shawn says the only elements out of their control that affect deliveries are traffic, bad weather and kitchen backups. However he says during those circumstances, one of the Nashville Delivers live dispatchers will call customers to let them know what's occurring and the newly anticipated delivery time. 

Regarding liquor deliveries, by Tennessee law, recipients must be present at the time of dropoff and show their identification. IDs may be left on porches or shown through glass to maintain physical distancing during deliveries.

Gift cards for Nashville Delivers services also can be secured on the company's website as thoughtful presents, adds Nashville Delivers co-owner Stewart Strickland. Additionally, they are hiring independently contracted drivers to anchor their expansion, as well as for roles in marketing. From starting as a two-man operation, the company now employs six dispatchers and 50-plus drivers. 

Shawn and Stewart are open to interesting partnerships, as evidenced by their crew's handling of approximately 600 fresh food deliveries on behalf of Eat Well Nashville every Sunday and Monday. They also work with Airbnb properties to stock refrigerators and bars. 

Download the Nashville Delivers app in the Apple Store or Google Play.

Nashville Delivers lunch hours Monday through Saturday:  11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Nashville Delivers supper hours Monday through Sunday:  3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

During this year's COVID-19 pandemic, all drivers wear a mask and practice social distancing when delivering.


"Our team at Nashville Delivers operates like a family. Our dispatchers and drivers give exceptional customer service, and we so appreciate them."

  • Owners - Shawn and Stewart