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Tire Tracks Leave No Carbon Footprints

Bicycles for the whole family offer independence, fresh air, and exercise with zero emissions.

This is a town for bicycles. Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills have collectively more than 200 miles of trails and streets marked for bicycles, crosswalks, and curb transitions that make suiting up for a bike ride to the coffee shop or the church as easy and more Earth-friendly than grabbing your car keys. Whether you want to ride for sport or leisure, pedaling to your local destination can be a safe and more enjoyable alternative than sitting in traffic, and a strong contribution to better air quality. Fenix Cycling, a family-owned bike sales and repair shop in Yorba Linda, has a bike for everyone, from street bikes and cruisers to high-end racing bikes, and everything in between. Where it comes to comfort, the leisure rider will appreciate a variety of seats and pads. Sport riders training for the Big Race can consult with the Fenix team of bike experts on the perfect lightweight, state-of-the-art winning models. And if you’re looking to make a bold move to bicycling for transportation, Fenix Cycling can hook you up with the right pack or basket to transport your personal belongings safely to work with you, or a bike rack and lock to safely store and secure your bicycle no matter where you are. For the cycling enthusiast, Fenix is a one-stop shop for a bike-centered lifestyle with accessories, racing gear, competition and speed bikes for all levels of experienced riders. And you can’t beat their Monday through Saturday hours and a location close to the 91 freeway near Yorba Regional and Chino Hills State Parks. Contact Ozzy Fenix at his shop in Yorba Linda at 714-692-2502 , or shop online at Bike types Children's fun cruisers and sporty mountain bikes High-performance racing bikes Fat tire and thick tread trail and mountain bikes