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The children's clothing boutique caters to kids and their parents

LemonLlama, located in historic Avon Village, sells children’s fashions that are designed for fun.

The store’s owner, Susan Macko, started out in retail in 2005 working with a few other women in a similar boutique. As the group grew apart Macko moved the store to its current location on East Main Street.  She says the store’s name was an inspiration that came to her one day when she saw her pet llama. The store sells clothing for girls ranging in age from newborn to tween, and for boys, newborn to size 12.  

Susan focuses her inventory on how important it is for children to find clothes that they both feel comfortable with and that help them stay true to themselves. LemonLlama has several categories of clothing including special occasion (for church and synagogue events); as well as handmade items; toys; and hair accessories. 

“I never aspired to own a store. I had done craft shows for years, selling appliqued clothing that a friend and I designed. I've always loved fashion and its creativity but didn't necessarily want the commitment to store hours,” she says.

Susan says she’s committed to making sure she can best offer a wide variety of styles and trends and frequently travels to Boston and New York on buying trips. 

“Customers are grateful that we are here and that we offer a quality selection of both classic and on-trend styles. All of us here want to help the customer find the right outfit or gift - it's not about the sale, but rather the right choice. It's always heartening to hear ‘my granddaughter just loved that dress - wouldn't take it off.’ We gift wrap; we ship; we can monogram or personalize, and we often text photos to customers (or new callers) who ask if we have a particular item for a photo shoot or Christening or wedding, or whatever the occasion may be.”  

With so few children’s boutiques in Connecticut, LemonLlama is a special place. Susan’s goal for the store is for it to be an exciting shop to peruse, but also to be a boutique that fits everyone’s needs. 

Both parents and children are particular in what they like to wear and what they want to purchase. That’s why LemonLlama provides a variety of brands including Mayoral, Joules, Angel Dear, Magnetic Me, Quincy Mae, Me & Henry, Vignette, Haba toys, and others. Macko and her staff ask questions to help their customers choose the right fit for them because children’s fashion is no longer one-type-fits-all. The store also organizes all merchandise by size and tries to add whimsy to its displays. 


29 East Main St.

Open Mon-Sat., 10:30-5:30 p.m, Sundays by appointment.


  • Susan Macko the owner of LemonLlama, with sales associated Margi Routledge.                         left, owner of LemonLlama

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