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Pole fence winter with Sawtooth mountains

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A Master Photographer for Lifestyle

Charles Knowles - Local Treasure Valley Photographer

Article by Kendall Houlton

Photography by Charles Knowles

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

Charles Knowles is a featured photographer with us at Boise and Meridian Lifestyle magazines. He started his illustrious career in the seventies with film, when digital photography was still but a remote concept. 

Reflecting on these bygone days, Knowles vividly recalls his meeting with Ansel Adams, the undisputed master of Black and White images. Adams took time to sit with a couple of high school kids from Idaho and shared stories, critiquing art and giving words of wisdom. Knowles says: “Today, I can still hear the creative coaching given by Ansel Adams every time I am standing before a mountain scene behind my camera, getting ready to press the shutter. He told me that every scene is 3 dimensional until you press the shutter.”

These days, Charles specializes in Landscape Photography (but not exclusively). “On location for sunrise is like Christmas morning, you never know what gift is waiting for you”, he marvels. Observing Charles’s work you see a strong commitment to nature and the environment. 

Enjoy the cover image in this month's holiday edition and further photography of Charles Knowles on his website at

Charles Knowles Quote;

         From where the sun rises

             To where the sun sets

                  The world is my canvas

  • Picture of Ansel Adams in his living room 1982: Ansel Adams Center, Charles Knowles Left Robert Hubner Right
  • Pole fence winter with Sawtooth mountains
  • Redfish Lake Creek Winter
  • Meadow Lake and stream
  • Winter frosted inversion Boise Foothills